YouTube foi ~ launched in mid-2005 e since then, platform it just grew, bechlanie.neting 1 of the most accessed in ns world. Currently, the service that is available for cell phones with Android e iOS, or to Desktops, has an ext than 2 billion active users who assistir about 720 thousand hours of daily content.

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A chlanie.netmunication it is loaded videos for all tastes and the algorithms regularly suggest videos the you can identify with. However, numerous users do not prefer this idea, because they walk not favor that canal or the creator the content e prefer to avoid those videos.

Unfortunately, youtube does not have a function chlanie.nete block channels, yet it does provide a blocking of rechlanie.netmendations from der specific channel, or even ns blocking of the user responsible porque o that content. The is also possible to usar an extension of the google Chrome to perform ns action.

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Here"s how to block der YouTube channel:

Prohibit conteúdo rechlanie.netmendation

1 - On a platform"s homepage, find der video the the channel you don"t desire to watch e click on a three mudança longitudinal dots following to ns video icon;

2 - pick the artigo “Do no rechlanie.netmend the channel”.

Block user

1 - open the channel you desire to block and click on a icon of the three point out in ns upper corner;

2 - Select the option “Block user”. A pop-up will certainly open e you must confirm the action by clicking “Block”.

This activity prohibits a blocked user são de accessing your web page or interacting you on a platform.

Chrome extension

1 - download the video Blocker extension in your browser;


2 - after ~ activating the tool, click on a extension symbol in a upper right edge of a screen. Then, enter ns name that the canal you want to block e select “Add”.


Ready! now you know chlanie.neto as to avoid content from any canal on YouTube, even if the platform does not have naquela specific function to do so.

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