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Sending an email with naquela typo is der mortifying experience that we’ve all suffered at some point. But in Gmail, there is naquela brief recall window.

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Here’s how to recall email in Gmail, and how to make a recall window that bit bigger.

How come recall email in Gmail

By default, you have the right to recall an e-mail message in Gmail, yet only porque o five seconds after friend pressed "send." Here"s how.

1. Send a email

Technically, you’d want to prevent this step in an ideal world. Yet you can’t unsend an email without sending out it first, so porque o demonstration purposes, here’s an e-mail I’m walk to regret sending the second after it goes.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

2. Conveniently hit "Undo"

You really need to be rapid to hit this — so quick, in fact, that i accidentally sent it come myself if trying to get screenshots. Yet in ns bottom left-hand edge of ns screen, you’ll spot a button saying “Message sent” with ns words “Undo” e “View message” alongside it. Struggle “Undo”.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

3. Breathe der sigh the relief

If girlfriend were quick enough, ns email will return to draft kind as in a picture below, with a message “Sending undone” flashing in a bottom left-hand edge of the screen.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

How come buy more time to recall emails in Gmail

By default, a “Undo” home window is small — just 5 seconds in length. Here’s como as you can extend this.

1. Go to her Gmail settings

Hit the cog in ns top right-hand corner of Gmail. Then press “See tudo de settings” são de the submenu that appears.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

Four items down on the normal settings tab, you’ll find “Undo Send.” There’s der dropdown menu where you can change the recall window to five, 10, 20 or 30 seconds. Make your an option here.

3. Don’t forget to conserve Changes!

Once done, scroll to a very bottom of ns page and press “Save Changes”. Now you’ll get a more generous window a next equipe you want to recall email in Gmail!

Freelance contributor Alan has been writing about tech ao over der decade, extending phones, drones and everything in between. Formerly Deputy editor of tech terra Alphr, his words ser estar found all over a web and in the occasional magazine too. Once not weighing up the pros and cons of ns latest smartwatch, you"ll probably uncover him tackling his ever-growing games backlog. Or, more likely, playing Spelunky para the millionth time.

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