Make a most of her profile’s many valuable problema estate with the newest variation of

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Drive traffic, monitor clicks, e learn what your followers ~ ~ most interested in – tudo for free.

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Think that as naquela mini website built into your Instagram profile, transforming each the your posts into a clickable, shoppable image. Plus, novo Blocks aid highlight her top content – so your followers can easily find your most essential content, everytime.



Show turn off your most important entre by including as plenty of Buttons to ns top of your page as you will do like. Plus, users on paid plans can customize their background e text color – hello, sub branding points!


Featured Media

Highlight her most essential content, news, promotions, or youtube link by adding it to her Featured médio – making that faster e easier porque o your followers to discover as well.

Linked Posts

This is your traditional sociedade feed, showing tudo de of her linked and shoppable posts – tudo de in one place.

Drive traffic e increase sales

Your web page takes visitors past your profile to almost everywhere else on ns web. Whether that’s a blog post or product page com your latest market — you decide where her followers walk next. Measure, optimize, repeat.

Track sales

Using Instagram ao ecommerce? allows you include up to 5 ligações on each Instagram post, e our Shopify integration speak you which publicar resulted in sales – so friend can conveniently track and optimize conversions.

Customize her Instagram bio

No much more messy URLs or forgetting to update ns link in her bio with new posts. Compreendo your URL in, add the link to your Instagram bio, and ta-da: naquela mini-website built into her profile.

Use your batten anywhere

With Gallery, friend can include your web page anywhere. The dynamic feed updates immediately to concertos your website visitors ns latest social posts. Help visitors get to know your brand top top social, or concertos off some customer love.

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“ through has actually been a game-changer for our Instagram strategy e social strategy as a whole, since we can agora promote multiple articles a day. Our Instagram traffic has actually increased 179% YoY largely as result of implementing!”

“ has actually been naquela game changer ao us, successfully permitting us to utilize Instagram as a traffic resource e not just as one engagement resource. Us also now have better than ever before alignment in between our internet content e Instagram.”

“Our marketing Team foi ~ on ns hunt porque o an Instagram feed widget come spruce increase our website, e coincidentally learned of Gallery. We especially love that a gallery images ~ ~ "clickable" and can suggest to distinctive pages within our site!”

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