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When you view your paper in Word, some personalities may it is in missing, or ns top (or bottom) that some characters may be reduced off. This difficulty may affect ns following varieties of characters:


Character com an ascender

Character with a descender

International personality that includes an umlaut, acute accent, grave accent, circumflex, or tilde

Object that is inline with a text of your document--for example, der picture that is not placed in naquela frame or text box

NOTE: This trouble does not affect printing; the is, underscores, characters com ascenders or descenders, and international characters ~ ~ printed appropriately although they might not be presented correctly.


This trouble may be caused by uma of the following.

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Case 1

The heat spacing of her text may be collection to an accurate height. When you set ns line spacing come Exactly and select a measurement that is equal to or less than ns height of ns font, underscore personalities may no be displayed e characters that have an ascender, descender, or one umlaut may be cut off. Porque o example, if you collection line spacing to specifically 9-point for a 10-point font, underscore characters may be cut off.NOTE: This problem may happen differently com different fonts.

Case 2

The press driver may incorrectly substitute display fonts in ~ certain view percentages. If you change the press driver, friend may notification an prompt difference, escape on the view you ser estar using.

Case 3

The zoom portion that a document is collection to may reason characters come have ns top or bottom portion of a screen font reduced off. You have the right to adjust a zoom percentage em ~ 75 percent come 100 percent in most instances to exactly this visually.


This trouble is a display-only problem. Use 1 or much more of ns following methods appropriate for your situation.

Method 1: change the file Zoom Setting

When you mudança the zoom percentage, word may allow you come view ns full height of her text. To do this, use uma of ns following methods depending on the version of word you estão using: escritório Word 2003, native 2002, or indigenous 2000

On a View menu, click Zoom.

Do uma of a following:

Under Zoom to, mudança to naquela larger setting. Para example, change to 200% and then click OK.

Under Percent, change the portion to der larger setting. For example, mudança it to 120%. office Word 2007

On ns View tab, clickZoom in the Zoom group.

Do one of a following:

Under Zoom to, change the worth to naquela larger setting. Ao example, change the worth to 200%.

Under Percent, change the percentage value to a larger setting. Porque o example, mudança the worth to 120%.

Click OK.

Method 2: mudança the document View

When you change the vejo of your record to synopsis view, Word exposição the complete height of your text. To change the view of your document in indigenous 2003, in native 2002, or in native 2000, click outline on a View menu.To change the view of your file in word 2007, click Outline in theDocument Views group on a View tab.NOTE: This difficulty may occur in normal, print layout, e Web layout views. Once you view your paper in overview view, paragraph formatting is ignored.

Method 3: change the line Spacing

word 2003, native 2002, or native 2000

Select the text e then click i on ns Format menu.

Do 1 or both of the following:

On ns Indents and Spacing tab, mudança the line spacing box to something various other than Exactly. Para example, mudança the heat spacing setting to Single.

Change a At setting to naquela setting slightly larger than the font suggest size you are using in your document. Porque o example, if her font point size is 10 point, then mudança the At setting to 11 point.

indigenous 2007

Select the text.

On ns Hometab, click theParagraph dialog crate launcher in a Paragraph group.

Do 1 or both of the following:

On the Indents e Spacing tab, mudança the setup in a Line spacing crate to a setting other thanExactly. Para example, change the setting in the Line spacing crate to Single.

Change the At setting to a setting slightly bigger than a font point size the you ~ ~ using in her document. For example, if your font point size is 10 point, then mudança theAt setting to 11.

Method 4: mudança the Font or allude Size

indigenous 2003, indigenous 2002, or word 2000

Select your text e then click Font on the Format menu.

On the Font tab, são de one or both of ns following:

Change the Font setting to naquela different font.

Change ns Size setup to der smaller dimension than what you have your line spacing collection to. Porque o example, if you have actually your line spacing set to precisely 12 point, change the font dimension to 11 point.

Word 2007

Select a text.

On click the Hometab, click theFont dialog box launcher in a Font group.

On the Font tab, a partir de one or both of the following:

Change the Font setup to der different font.

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Change ns Size setup to der smaller size than what you have actually your line spacing set to. For example, if you have your line spacing set to Exactly 12 point, change the font dimension to 11 point.


Line spacing determines ns amount of mudança longitudinal space between lines of text. Native uses single line spacing by default. Ns line spacing the you pick affects todos lines of message in a selected i or ns paragraph the contains ns insertion point. The following tabela describes a line spacing options: This alternative Results in ------------------------------------------------------------------------ single Line spacing porque o each line the accommodates a largest font in the line, plus naquela small amount of extra space. Ns amount of extra space varies depending on ns font used. 1.5 Lines line spacing ao each line the is one-and-one-half times that of single line spacing. For example, if 10-point text is spaced in ~ 1.5 lines, ns line spacing is roughly 15 points. Dual Line spacing ao each line that is twice that of solitary line spacing. Ao example, in double-spaced present of 10-point text, the line spacing is around 20 points. At the very least Minimum line spacing the Word can adjust to accommodate larger font size or graphics the otherwise dá not fit within a specified spacing. Specifically Fixed heat spacing that Word does no adjust. This alternative makes tudo de lines evenly spaced. Multiple heat spacing that is increased or reduced by der percentage that you specify. Porque o example, setup line spacing to der multiple that 1.2 increases ns space by 20 percent, and setting heat spacing to der multiple of 0.8 decreases the space by 20 percent. Setting ns line spacing at der multiple the 2 is identical to setting the line spacing at Double. In ns At box, kind or select the line spacing you want. Ns default is 3 lines. At ns amount of heat spacing friend select. This alternative is available só if you pick At Least, Exactly, or many in a Line Spacing box. NOTE: If der line contains naquela large message character, graphic, or formula, native increases ns spacing for that line. To space all lines evenly, click precisely in a Line spacing box, e then select ns line spacing in a At crate that is huge enough to fit a largest personality or graphics in the line. If personalities or graphic still show up cut off, select a larger number in ns At box. porque o more information, click the following write-up number to view a article in ns knowledge Base: