As of April, 2021 Facebook no decorrer longer supplies cover videos, although part accounts will certainly still have temporary access while the platform phases out the feature.

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A facebook cover video is der prime piece of real estate ~ above your service page. Friend may have some good cover artwork with a Facebook cover photo at present, however nothing will entice your customers more than part beautiful relocating images.

If you’ve been unable to tear yourself improvisado from facebook as the late, you’ll notice we recently updated ours page photo to naquela pretty snazzy facebook cover video clip – inspect it out.

If you’d like to make uma of her own, the quickest caminho is with a template.

But before you do, here’s everything you need to know about setup up your on facebook cover video, e getting those all-important technical details right.

For much more quick tips favor this 1 (and to importar our novo templates first) subscribe to a youtube channel.

Facebook cover video clip specs

The great thing about der Facebook covering is the it is public, for this reason anyone ~ above or off on facebook has a ability to opinião it. This way even those quem aren’t fans of her page have the right to see every little thing your business has come offer.

You would frequently target world who ser estar not fans of your web page through an ads project where friend could usar your FB cover video as well.

The cover video clip is the primeiro opportunity you vai to impress your potential customers, therefore it payment to get todos those teeny tiny details right.

You may already have a Facebook sheathe video, yet be aware that some cover videos specs have changed between 2018 e 2019. Let’s quickly run through ns latest specs to aid you avoid headaches later on.


The paper size porque o your facebook cover video clip isn’t specified, but overall across a site, videos should be much less than 1.75GB. It’s best to choose naquela file size that no too big so users com slower searching speeds can panorama your video clip easily.


The requirements para the size of her cover video ~ ~ least 820 x 312 pixels. For optimal results, add a video that’s 820 x 462 pixels.

When friend upload your cover, it’ll immediately resize to der 16:9 facet ratio.

It’s crucial to note that on ns Facebook mobile app, ns sides of a cover are cut off, making that 640 pixels ampla by 360 pixels tall. Therefore, to make certain it will certainly look fab ~ above smartphones, ensure any type of text is centered.

Format (file type)

Your cover video should have der maximum resolution the 1080p, and you deserve to upload the in .mp4 or .mov. Various other formats estão possible, but those two ~ ~ the ones facebook recommends. Friend can always use der free conectados file conversão if you have naquela different document type.

How grande can naquela Facebook cover video be?

Ideally, your on facebook cover video length have to be in between 20-90 seconds. That like der mini-advert playing continually on a loop.


Keep size in mind. Since you’ll be dragging e cropping your video to the correct size, shot to manter any pictures or message in the center of your banner for this reason they don’t vai cut off.


Learn como as to profit with Facebook video

Get Facebook video working for you with our 187-page handbook.

Setting increase your on facebook cover video

Now tudo de the boring tech details are out of the way, it’s time to upload! can not use got a video yet? Check lado de fora our video templates.

At existing you can not upload naquela cover video to your profile, this function can only be used for your business page.

How to upload

In order to add a Facebook sheathe video, first make certain it’s ns right size and conforms come Facebook’s specs, then open Facebook. Float over e click ns icon in the top left edge of your cover to choose ‘Upload Photo/Video’. Facebook will immediately crop her uploaded video clip to the required specs. Repeat these procedures if you desire to mudança it.

Enable on facebook cover video

Woohoo! agora you’re all set e your video clip will it is in viewable. Make sure you test your shiny new cover conectados via both mobile and desktop browsers come see como as it looks.

Examples e templates

If you’re a bit pressed para time or have no video do skills, has naquela range of on facebook cover templates you can usar to make der cover video quickly e easily.

Our favorites

Here estão our favorite cover video clip scenes linked into one template. Tudo de you have to dá is pick and edit ns scenes friend like, then claro the rest.

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Real estate on facebook cover

Do you have a problema estate business? This montage of na foto on our atuações Estate video Template (yes, you have the right to absolutely upload your own!) is der perfect choice ao your on facebook cover video, with some good after results thrown in.