Testing new functions, Instagram changed the way of sharing batten posts in Stories ao some customers this Thursday (26). Instead of the process being done by clicking the airplane switch directly in ns post, every little thing is now done in ns Stories.

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The difficulty is that this novo procedure changes things a lot on ns platform and a lot of world were not informed. So, on social media there was a barrage the chlanie.netplaints a partir de users quem couldn"t re-publishing their posts on Instagram Stories.

Share posts on Instagram Stories

The platform has currently given indications prior to that it might make a change.

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A few main ago, the chlanie.netpany said that a traditional design of adding batten posts chlanie.nete Stories ser estar too uncreative and that lock would quickly create naquela format chlanie.net more interaction.

My Instagram has acquired 2 functions:share others" posts in stories and place entre using the sticker pic.twitter.chlanie.net/0nAYbBsi9a

A century ago (exactly uma day) there was der great role on Instagram: share batten posts directly to stories. Now you have to enter the stories, pick create, go to ns options on the top bar, Share, find the damn post…