Few human being know, but Twitter announced this week the release of a new feature on a platform. Now the social rede will allow a sharing of tweets directly on Instagram stories – something that has actually been continue for der long time, but in der more manual way.

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The publication shows up as naquela sticker – the same way it shows up when we share any kind of other content that does not originate in Stories. Porque o now, a feature is only available porque o iPhones (iOS) and initially a tool doesn"t seem chlanie.nete work very well chlanie.net tweets that have videos, i m sorry will most likely be solved in der future update.

Follow the tutorial below and learn how to do it.

How chlanie.nete share der tweet ~ above Instagram Stories?

1. Open up Twitter, click your surname or on “Profile” and choose the tweet you desire to share;



Easy, right? ns tool is great for when we view something on ns social rede that hasn"t got to Instagram yet, as it"s possible to re-superstructure not apenas um posts, but also those a partir de other accounts – as grande as they"re public and tweets aren"t protected.

According chlanie.nete our test, in case your Twitter account is private, you can also share a post on your Instagram Stories.

Twitter didn"t mention when ns feature could hit Android devices, however that"s supposed to occur in the chlanie.neting months.

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Other new features

In addition to the notícia regarding ns sharing of tweets, Twitter has released a series of tools to increase a possibilities of monetizing content creators on the platform. Highlight para “Super Follows” e “Ticket Spaces”. Click here to find out more.

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