iVCam can transfer video são de mobile phone come PC via USB connection, which is more stable and fast.

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First, you re welcome make sure that a latest or previously version of iTunes is installed on her PC, e you can see her phone in iTunes ~ connecting it to PC via USB (check aqui if you can’t watch it).

After connecting ns phone to PC acima de USB cable, iVCam will immediately connect e transfer video via USB. Basic peasy!

Note: If USB is no working, you re welcome make sure that the Apple device Driver is properly installed e the Apple applications Support company is no disabled.
AndroidUSB DriverIf her phone can’t be known after connecting to her PC, you re welcome install ns phone’s USB driver. You can directly install a official mobile assistant software, or download it aqui or search according to your mobile phone call brand, para example, looking “Android USB Driver porque o Samsung“.

After installing ns driver, affix your phone call to your PC e it will be known as a USB storage or Media device based on your selection.

USB Debugging

On her phone side, enable ns USB Debugging option under Settings > Developer options.

For Android 4.2 and newer, Developer options is surprise by default. Show it using a following steps:

On ns device, go to Settings > about .Tap the Build number 7 equipe to do Settings > Developer options available.Then permit the USB Debugging option.

Google “Enable USB Debugging on a Android Device” ao more details if friend don’t know como as to a partir de that.

Tip: You might additionally want to allow the Stay awake option, to prevent your Android device são de sleeping when plugged into the USB port.

USB mode

When the USB cable is plugged in, select using USB para Transfer papers (MTP) or Transfer picture (PTP).

Run iVCam computer client e wait for naquela while. If a phone is connected porque o the first time, it will certainly prompt friend to permit USB debugging:

Select OK to do it work.

Note: This action is necessary. Google for help if this notice doesn’t concertos on her phone.


If the phone is appropriately configured and connected to the PC with a USB cable in USB debugging mode, iVCam will immediately connect and transfer video através da USB.

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