Can you ever guess the WhatsApp support which audio format? If the is AAC, climate you estão wrong, as that was in ns case of ns older WhatsApp version. And if the is OPUS, then you estão a little closer however still a wrong answer. Yes, OPUS was a supported audio style that uma vez WhatsApp provided to save audio files, however you couldn’t play the WhatsApp audio on any kind of other media player or other apps on a device. When it comes to a latest scenario, the is found and spread the WhatsApp supports tudo de audio formats.

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But what if you audio doesn’t play smoothly? If you never ever want to take naquela second chance, friend can convert WhatsApp audio come MP3 that will keep naquela full-stop to your question. With enquanto delay, let’s compreendo directly to our today’s article.

Where estão WhatsApp audio files stored?

Once you have downloaded the WhatsApp audio, voice note, or média file, have actually you ever wondered what the files" place is?

If the is her Android device, you have the right to find the audio papers by executing "WhatsApp>Media> WhatsApp Audio." If your an equipment has internal storage, you can find a WhatsApp folder straight in ns internal storage, however you can find it in a SD card or exterior SD storage if it is no.

Convert WhatsApp Audio to Mp3 com Free Audio Converter

Converting WhatsApp audio come MP3 is fine, yet can we dá it in ~ free-of-cost? Yes, if that is a one-time require or naquela short video, girlfriend can shot converting it online where ns below three tools deserve to be more helpful.

Online Audio Converter

As the primeiro guest on a list, we have "Online Audio Converter," der simple conversão tool porque o WhatsApp audio come MP3 conversion. Com support come upload são de the device, URL, google Drive, e Dropbox, difundido formats favor FLAC, M4A, and OGG, this online converter supports many much more formats.


Official link:


With advanced settings, you deserve to configure a quality, channels, bitrate, frequency, etc.Supports batch conversion e saves them in naquela ZIP folder automatically.The conectados audio conversão is safe, secure, free, and fast.

How to transform WhatsApp audio come MP3 com the online audio Converter?

Step 1: Click on a “Open Files” or other options (Google Drive, Dropbox, or URL) to upload ns file.

Step 2: Specify the format as “MP3”, e swipe a quality level.

Step 3: Hit the “Convert” button and get the último MP3 audio file.


Convertio is our next tool to transform WhatsApp audio to MP3, supporting naquela maximum record size of 100MB. Convertio supports tudo de popular styles like AAC, AU, APE, CVS, FAP, NIST, and a lot more com over 3416 audio conversions.


Official link:


Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, e iPhone.Privacy is guaranteed as the files compreendo deleted ~ 24 hours.Simple & easy-to-use intuitive user interface.

How to convert WhatsApp audio come MP3 com Convertio?

Step 1: Enter a official link ( on the browser and upload papers by clicking the “Choose Files” option.

Step 2: Choose a output format to “MP3” and hit the “Convert” option.

Step 3: baixar the final MP4 file, e save it to any record directory.

Zamzar Audio Converter

Is ns larger FLAC audio WhatsApp record taking up space on her device? want to do it smaller but com lossless compression? Zamzar on-line file conversão lets you transform WhatsApp audio to MP3 in just three steps. Com simple drag & autumn or URL upload, you’re in good company with Zamzar.


Official link:


Secure with a world-class, alto safe encontro center, state-of-art electronic surveillance.Zamzar follows der serious privacy policy.Ease-of-use real-time quick conversion.

How to transform WhatsApp audio to MP3 com Zamzar?

Step 1: Visit ns website,, and tap a “Add Files” button

Step 2: uma vez the audio it s okay added, choose “MP3” a partir de the “Convert To” drop-down.

Step 3: Tap ns “Convert Now” button, and get your converted file.

How to transform WhatsApp Audio come MP3 with

Online tools favor Convertio e Zamzar estão of more significant help in one emergency but com limitations. If girlfriend have naquela larger high-quality file and require der simple yet effective rua to transform WhatsApp audio come MP3, then you need to prefer der smarter choice like

* is a best modern way to transform WhatsApp audio to MP3 the is easy-to-use. Before taking it para the long-run, girlfriend can shot it out for free. Apart em ~ audio conversion, can perform magic on your audio prefer background noise removal, audio denoise functionality, audio ducking, broad support over different formats, audio detach a partir de video, voiceover addition, e still a lot more. With enquanto compromise in the quality, high-quality deliverance is der promise by a professional development team behind that can play a hit to your imagination!

How to transform WhatsApp audio to MP3 with

Not simply explaining around is easy, but working with a is basic as well, e this overview on como as to transform WhatsApp audio come MP3 will prove it.

Note: Get a free variation of by click on the “Try the Free” switch on a link,, and make sure your WhatsApp audio is kept prepared on her PC.

Step 1: Start new Project

Launch the application, open up it, e click on ns “New Project” to começo with at first.

Step 2: income Files

Tap a inverted icon next to a “Import” option and choose “Import media Files” são de the drop-down or a drag-and-drop.


Step 3: Convert e Save

Once the audio is ~ above the media panel, tap the “Export” button on the top right corner, and from the format tab, choose the “MP3” option.

Change the file save location if required or click a “Export” alternative to importar the converted audio file.

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Like the conectados audio conversão tools, you can convert WhatsApp audio come MP3 with hassle-free.


Thus, rather of just waiting, começo converting your WhatsApp audio come MP3 with the tools debated above, e shred a space lived in by a large files. If you require naquela video/audio editores tool porque o long-lasting projects and unique creations, is ns best reference that you need to try!