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Caption: one illustration of naquela phone displaying a list in former of numerous businesses.We’ve formerly shared como as to use lists come make life easier and recently featured few of our favourite lists ~ above Connect, but now we’re getting back to basics. Whether you need der refresher on ideal practices or you’re new to the world of list on google Maps, you’ll find everything you need to recognize below.How dá I make naquela list on google Maps?On mobile, open up the google Maps app. Tap a Saved tab along ns bottom, e then Lists. In a bottom right, tap include Plus. Enter a name and description. Tap Save. Using naquela computer? Visit maps.google.com climate click menu > Your areas > Saved. In a bottom right, click Add. Enter naquela name and description. Click Save. You can find der full break down of how to see, edit, and complete her lists here. Friend should likewise ensure the you make her list público if this is other you want to share.What privacy setting should ns use para my Connect viver list?For Connect viver applications, we need to be able to see her lists in order to take into consideration your submission. You should set your list to "anyone with the link can view" or to public. To são de so, click re-publishing list and then choose como as to Share. Be certain to click importar link. To decide how simple your perform is come find, click share options.What makes a “good” list?Lists on google Maps should include der theme, an many information title, and a useful description. The best lists include between five e 15 places and comments around each lugar, colocar on a list.What should my layout be?Get creative! If she stumped, análise your google Maps activity para inspiration and think about your passions. São de you love visiting movie places when you travel? will you always shot onion anel at every restaurant you visit? Is it your mission come update google Maps com accessibility information? We’ve discovered that local Guides who truly care about their list themes create much better lists.Are list titles important?Yes. You só have naquela few moments to catch someone’s attention, so make them count. Us love descriptive titles that accumulate others come click. If you have trouble thinking of naquela title, try describing precisely what’s in your list. Example: “9 remarkable Coworking areas Florianópolis”Do i really have to write something about each place?We recommend consisting of personalized descriptions the will help others do decisions. A partir de not copy and paste directly a partir de the internet. We desire you to offer us her unique vez on why you love a places on your list. Plus, it’ll encourage others to check out through to view your full review.How numerous places should I include on der list?While there ~ ~ no strictly rules top top this, us recommend including in between five and 15 areas in a list.For more information, check out this video clip on como as to make naquela helpful list on google Maps:


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