chlanie.net is naquela free, open source launcher for Minecraft. It enables you to have multiple, cleanly be separate instances that Minecraft (each com their own mods, source packs, saves, etc) e helps you manage them e their associated alternatives with der simple e powerful interface.

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Download links for the recent version, chlanie.net 5, ~ ~ below.


control multiple diverted instances of Minecraft, maintaining them clean. Drill into a details - see ns logs, mods and everything rather easily. Durante surprises - chlanie.net intends to continue to be predictable and do what friend tell it come do. Fine ao controle over Java settings and runtimes. Every instance has actually settings overrides the you can allow on top of the globais settings. chlanie.net game logs come with sub information the helps diagnose problems, e they estão color coded. Support for running old versions the way they to be released, rather of relying ~ above compatibility hacks. Death Minecraft easily if the crashes / freezes. chlanie.net is incredibly lightweight, permitting it to run in a background e keeping one eye ~ above the jogos even on old machines wherein every megabyte of memory matters. Straightforward installation of common mod loaders - Forge, Fabric e LiteLoader (and likely more incoming). Minecraft world and resource/texture fill management. Import and export of Minecraft instances come share them com anyone. Income modpacks são de many platforms - CurseForge, Technic, AT, FTB (both legacy e new). The more, ns merrier.



Download & Install

Choose the baixar for her operating system below, extract ns archive to a new folder e run it. If you"re making use of Linux, psychic to make it executable prior to you try to run it.


baixar (Ubuntu) aur Package (Arch Linux) baixar (Generic 32-bit) baixar (Generic 64-bit)

chlanie.net needs Qt5 to be set up on linux. If you don"t have actually it, friend may have to install a following packages, relying on distribution:

Arch: qt5-base OpenSuse: libqt5-qtbase CentOS/Fedora/RHEL: qt5-qtbase Ubuntu/Debian: qt5-default

Download & Install ns development version

The development version usually has extra fixes e features incuded, however may no be steady yet. If you use it, stay in touch on our discord server!


download (32/64-bit)

Mac OS X (10.7+)

download (64-bit)


aur Package (Arch Linux) baixar (Generic 32-bit) download (Generic 64-bit)

Source Code

The source code para chlanie.net (and this website) is held at GitHub.

If you desire to construct chlanie.net yourself, check o fim the develop guide.

Support united state on Patreon!

We"re running naquela Patreon campaign so that us can continue to pay porque o our server hosting costs, e invest into novo hardware e server infrastructure. $5 gets you der mention in the credits of ns app along with naquela Discord role, and if we deserve to maintain at the very least $100 a month total, we"ll it is in able to guarda the website ad-free!


Discord server

You can talk to us directly on our discord server. Just click join!

Just understand that we"re most likely busy with habilidade Work™ e Real Life™ most of a time.

Branding, identify marks and custom builds...

chlanie.net is released under the Apache 2 license, which offers you the full accessibility to a source code. What that doesn"t offer you is a right to use a name (chlanie.net) or em breve (infinity prize on the página view of der block that grass) in any kind of custom build or forks of a project.

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However, as long as you only redistribute a unmodified binary builds são de chlanie.net, you may use the following files ao the objective of linux packaging and/or giving the user(s) a shortcut porque o launching a application.