An profile opens worlds of new possibilities para your Minecraft experience and makes it simpler to play with friends on any device.

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Visit the Marketplace

the Minecraft Marketplace brings ns creativity of a Minecraft neighborhood to you. A Marketplace attributes an ever-growing arsenal of maps, skins, e texture packs to purchase and download come Minecraft. Apenas um available for members.


Play Minecraft com friends ~ above

com an profile, it’s simple to find your friends. Just add their gamertag or attach your on facebook account to discover Facebook friends e invite castle to any of your Minecraft civilizations when you both online. You can even vai notifications once your friends sign on.

Create or join a Realm

one profile makes it feasible to accessibility Minecraft Realms, a subscription-based organization that allows you play online with her friends whenever you want, ~ above your very own private server. Use an profile to invite as much as 10 friends come create, survive, or compete in your private world. They have the right to continue the adventure also when you’re offline.

Earn achievements

com an profile account, it’s simple to guarda track of tudo de the amazing things you a partir de in Minecraft. Tudo your achievements ser estar automatically recorded and kept com your gamertag para bragging rights with your friends.

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Join a Club

one profile makes playing with others even better. Ns official Minecraft club on renders it simple to find new friends to play with anytime you’re online. With over 40,000 members, you’ll constantly be maybe to find someone to join you for naquela build, dig, or adventure.

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