Hi, kittens=) this day my short article is around 7 rules to remover care of oily skin. I have actually an oily skin so, i saltar my advices will assist you, if friend have a same kind of skin=) guarda reading ;)

Ola, gatinhas! =) Hoje o meu post é sobre as 7 regras como cuidar da hauts oleosa e alcançar acne. Mim tenho naquela pele oleosa. Então, eu espero que os meus conselhos vai ajudar vocês, se vocês têm o idêntico tipo de hauts =) Fique comigo e lê! ;)


7 rules to take care that oily skin

7 regras como cuidar da comprimido oleosa e com acne

1. Oily skin needs to be cleansed, but it"s better to to wash it com cool or cold water because hot just stimulates ns production the sebum. Wash your enfrentar with your usual gel or soap, but use cool water only.

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2. Ns peeling is nesessary for oily skin - both kind as chemical as well mechanical. Chemical one (with fruit acids. Example, mix of a water e of ns apple cider vinegar) is good for skin with any condition. Scrub is perfect only porque o those quem have no problems com skin (acne).

3. Oily skin generally has large pores, so pair times der week you must make naquela cleansing mask com clay, set off carbon, etc. It will certainly clean the already currently dirt a partir de pores e the surface of a skin.

4. Oily skin com enlarged pores loves ice. It not só tones a skin, but additionally tightens pores. And if you will freeze organic teas, such ice will help the skin to get useful vitamins and minerals.

5. Those quem have oily or mix skin should always use the powder in makeup, to vai rid of a ugly oily gloss. By a way, you have to wash away a makeup com great care, and always check ns cleanliness of the skin with a serviette or noodle pad to manter it perfect clean with durante trace the makeup, ~ you organize it on a treated skin surface. Otherwise the remnants of cosmetics mixed com sebum e bacteria, will certainly leave top top your enfrentar unpleasant rash.

6. The best way to pegue care about naquela problem oily skin with acne is the using a salicylic acid, or cosmetics, based on it. One of the best disinfectant, reducing inflammation e the manufacturing of a sebum is necessary oil that tea tree - mix her dose of cream with naquela couple of fall of oil and apply come clean skin. If girlfriend feel der slight burning sensation - is not terrible, it will pass.

7. Ao oily skin it"s better to offer preference come moisturizing creams and lotions, avoiding oily fat creams. However, don"t abandon a use of vegetables oils - the skin, "feeling" that it has second protection in ns form the oil, will alleviate production of its own sebum. E such together almond oil and avocado oil (my favorite ^ ^) ser estar quickly absorbed e don"t leave der oily slicks on a skin.

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Eu espero que vocês lembram como cuidar da hauts oleosa e abranger acne, se não lembram usá os meus concelhos.

Do you have oily skin? How a partir de you take care the it? I will wait para your comments=)