Problems with ns cellular battery ~ ~ but usual ones that we like. Do you know how to form how you usar your smartphone e charger to influence the vida of a component? To protect against erroneous errors that can prejudge a case, see, follow, part tips on como as to fix the cellular correction e know what no to são de during ns process.

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Some lithium-ion batteries, i m sorry we lug near the vase, deserve to have der constant current e operate at short voltage, which is beneficial porque o the component component, in agreement with the Battery University.

Tensioning comes to increase in midway the major cargo is required, thus, the is recommended to have it at der low rate of 100% – in between 80% e 30%, for more specifically, – for the procedure to minimize stress, prolonging vida útil da bateria.

What NÃO will a partir de to load the cellular

1. Constantly charge 100%We understand that a battery symbol is totally capable of creating a peace of psychic that no one has naquela routine agitation. This practice, in its existing form, is not good porque o lithium-ion batteries.

You have already noticed that most recent to move systems com fast charging sistema generally have a increase does not initiate ns process, and since then it has been slow. There is one explanation ao this.

In agreement with Apple, charging more than 80% is naquela matter of longevity. Ingen iPhones, the charge have the right to be paused at 80% when a battery temperature exceeds a recommended limit.

Ion-lithium battery charger (Image: Reproduction / Apple)

Photo: Tecnoblog
Portanto, emprego habbito de recharge noturna – isto é, carregam o dispositivo durante toda der noite, e tirar o móvel da atirar apenas ~ por acordar pela manhã – que é nada saudável.

Deixar a tambor zerar antecipadamente carregar o celular

Do a same rua that checking to the maximum is not indicated, the extreme opposite must additionally be avoided. The ideal is to usar your moving battery at a rate of in between 20% and 80% to boost your life.

You são de not have to worry about flashing battery charges, adding about 10%, to a day – this prática is recommended. Yet if it’s simply practical for you, try to faixas when a device will 50% charge to finish it.

This instance is planning to take place at a fast speed without using the phone, however at least ns battery capacity of ns repaired car – the is Samsung.

3. Export her phone to extreme calorie

Avoid exposure to calories deserve to be uma of the most recommended recommendations to follow depending upon your profession e region wherein you ~ ~ tomorrow.

I era able to see motorists applying sofrenda with this calorie difficulty in fluxo de Janeiro, with the phone turned on a car chair with a sun of 40 ° C, and even linked to a charger. Ainda assim, der dica é valid for cuja pode segui-la.

And what is a use the this likewise account, viu? nothing to dá with playing gamings with a cellular cabinet on ns phone, yes with 100% battery power. Bruk o aparelho normally and, to be precise, make naquela charge – you deserve to push your bola to a future.

How to fill cellular but fast

To pack your smartphone quickly, anskaffe stays clear of resources that force you to use during a process, also in a second level.

A straightforward dice is come disable ns cellular – even if that is no possible, it avoids the use of moving dia or browsing by cellular (especially if ns signal walk not have actually these keys) activating the airplane mode.

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See an ext selected values ​​in ours complete post on como as to load the most quick cellular.


By fim, vale lembrar that eventually ns battery will certainly die. Most likely you will certainly not be able to follow all the advice correctly e exchange moving in it increase to dois years. More or less disgusting, of course, due to the fact that you ser estar careful. However, they do not treatment today with a assumption and try to preserve the boa habits.