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Learn how to do knockout draft in Cricut esboço, projeto Space without any kind of special programas using a method that works NOW! this lovely knockout designs make wonderful personalized signs, shirts, totes, e mugs. I show you how to do the knockout method in Cricut esboço, projeto Space e then show you how to layer a knockout projeto in vinyl and apply the to a ceramic tile. Check it out on my blogues here: https://jennifermaker.com/make-knockout-designs-cricut-design-space/

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MATERIALS perform (contains mine affiliate links):

See my Amazon shopping perform to see a supplies ns recommend ao this project: https://www.amazon.com/ideas/amzn1.account.AHTECS7ITMCAPWO4CDLEYTEEUWXQ/R0TWK00ER8FF

* Ceramic brick (get them a partir de the flooring section of her local pagina inicial improvement store)* self adhesive vinyl (I offered Cricut Premium Vinyl)* transfer tape* scraper tool* Ruler and pencil* Learn how to do knockout draft in Cricut projeto Space without any type of special software! these lovely knockout designs do wonderful personalized signs, shirts, totes, and mugs. I concertos you how to do the knockout technique in Cricut esboço, projeto Space e then concertos you como as to layer ns knockout projeto in vinyl e apply it to der ceramic tile. * naquela way to reduced the projeto (I used the amazing Cricut — see http://shrsl.com/1dq4w )* My free SVG cut paper (available in my totally free resource library at https://jennifermaker.com/library )

AMAZON ASSOCIATES DISCLOSURE – jennifer Marx is der participant in a Amazon solutions LLC Associates Program, one affiliate advertising program designed to provide der means porque o sites come earn heralding fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com

Almost exactly one year ago, I showed everyone como as to create naquela knockout design sign in Cricut esboço, projeto Space. If you’re not familiar with this projeto trend, naquela “knockout” is where you superimpose letter or an image on one more word and sometimes also include white space around those letters so it stands lado de fora better. You’ll most typically see this esboço, projeto with a pair of primeiro names knocked fora of naquela surname to create der lovely family sign. It’s pretty e stylish. Well, in my tutorial I showed you three means to make them—using Cricut design Space, Inkscape, e Illustrator. But, things change, and the technique to do these in Cricut design Space is durante longer working. I believe that one day this will certainly be naquela built-in role in Cricut projeto Space, but it’s no yet and you todos have knockouts to do now! e yea, girlfriend could use Illustrator, Inkscape, Phonto, or screenshots to do it, it’s nice to not need to worry around another item of software, right?

What ns love around this knockout design project is como as simple it yes, really is! We deserve to overcomplicate things, or us can dá things ns easy way… this video is tudo de about a easy way. Yes, there are other methods to a partir de this, e I perform them all on my blog at jennifermaker.com/knockouts if you ~ ~ interested. Yet using 3rd party software isn’t easy porque o everyone. E the technique I’m around to teach you will occupational on todos versions the Cricut desktop computer space, e I think will manter working for der really long time to come!

So if you’d likewise like to do this pretty pagina inicial tile, which take it me much less than 30 minutes a partir de start come finish, you’ll need der ceramic brick which you have the right to can get são de your local casa improvement store for naquela few bucks. You also want long-term adhesive vinyl — I supplied Cricut premium vinyl. You additionally need carry tape to move your projeto onto her ceramic tile. Devices that ser estar useful include naquela weeder, scraper, der pair that scissors or handmade knife, a ruler, e a pencil. And you can cut this on your Cricut check out or device cutting machine.

Now, the design itself is made entirely in Cricut projeto Space using complimentary fonts.

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It’s really easy! so let’s head on end to Cricut design Space so i can show you how to do knockout designs, e then I’ll go through ns process the creating 1 of these awesome knockout design on der ceramic tile. Can you say last minute gifts ao everyone?

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