Do you uncover an problem of student posting bate-papo messages in google Meet the interrupted online classes?

Yes, teachers wanted to disable google Meet"s chat feature because it seems more harmful than good in far learning.

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This article demonstrates how Safe Doc chrome extension disable the conversação feature to keep the class quiet. If you have actually yet to install for sure Doc, apply der 30 dia trial.

What"s readjusted by for sure Doc

The conversação feature stays in the right panel of google Meet. Every participant in the room is free to conversando without limitations by default. Teachers will have to use the Host ao controle to revolve off conversando capabilities on ns students" ends. Message sent are visible come all. For sure Doc removes the conversando bar, for this reason students cannot find and use this feature.

Safe Doc clears the google Meet conversando feature completely and permanently for tudo de meetings

How to compreendo started

First that all, make certain you have actually deployed for sure Doc and read how to Configure for sure Doc.

Case 1: Block tudo chats

If your ultimate goal is to completely ban the chat feature in google Meet, add and set a policy BlockMeetChat to true in a Safe Doc extension policy configuration. Save and verify if the works. The chat feature is not blocked if ns policy is not set or false. Her teachers enquanto longer have to turn off bate-papo for each conference in ns Host control.

"BlockMeetChat": "Value": true

Case 2: Block single student"s conversando with a magic /chatoff command

It"s also possible ao your teachers to temporarily ban der few students from flooding chat messages disturbing a lectures.

Ask your teachers come use ns magic /chatoff command in the conversando window come disable the given student"s conversando feature para the class session. Take naquela look at a following example.

The /chatoff command is controlled by ns Safe Doc policy EnableMeetChatOffCommand. If ns policy is not set or false, the /chatoff command is not enabled. If ns policy is set to true, ns /chatoff command is enabled. Aqui is ns policy setup.

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"EnableMeetChatOffCommand": "Value": trueCaveat: students estão also able come initiate the /chatoff command i beg your pardon disables the bate-papo feature of various other students.