When using notebooks, inevitably, you fim up connecting to number of Wi-Fi redes to have an ext mobility e practicality. In turn, when having actually to pass a password of naquela network to who or as soon as entering a Wi-Fi tiny used, you may not remember a specific password.

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Fortunately, without having to install anything, on the Windows 10 over there is a way to find lado de fora which Wi-Fi rede passwords ~ ~ saved on the system. Next, here"s how to recover ns password for naquela Wi-Fi rede saved in windows 10.


The procedure explained listed below does not placed your windows 10 at risk, as it will not be vital to use “unofficial” features to recover passwords em ~ the Wi-Fi network.

Here, that is likewise worth noting, the is not vital to be on a “specific version” of home windows 10 ao the process to work. Not only that, the can also be chlanie.netpleted even in vault versions the Microsoft"s sistema with some alters seen in its interface.

How chlanie.nete find ns password porque o saved Wi-Fi rede in windows 10

The procedure to recover the password is fairly simple, but ns function that us will usar ends increase somewhat concealed in ns Microsoft system menus. Inspect out:

1. Click on the rede icon next to ns “Windows clock” e connect to ns desired network;

2. Now, with ns right mouse button, click on a “Wi-fi” icon e go to “Open Network and Internet settings”;

3. In the open window, at ns bottom, click “Network e Sharing Center”;

4. Then, next to “Connections”, click on ns name of a Wi-Fi network you estão connected to;

5. In the window the opens, click on "Wireless connection Properties";

6. Then, enter ns “Security” tab;

7. Check a “Show characters” key and see ns password in the “Network security key” field.

Ready! Now, you already know how to find ns password for naquela Wi-Fi network that is saved in windows 10.

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