When using different Wi-Fi networks, even if it is at the office or also at home, the is not always easy to remember your password, especially when castle involve numbers and special characters. So, as soon as you need to share her password, uma option is to use ns chlanie.netputer with a Windows to chlanie.netpreendo it back, as well as the Olhar Digital currently showed you how to a partir de it.

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However, those who only have der cell call can additionally recover their conserved passwords, as long as their system is Android 10. Next, here"s how to recover passwords from Wi-Fi networks on der cell phone chlanie.net Android 10.


The chlanie.netplying with tutorial apenas um allows you chlanie.nete see rede passwords Wi-Fi that ~ ~ already conserved on her device. Thus, this tutorial does not job-related to know a password for der connection, which you have not configured.

It is also worth psychic that, because it is aimed at people chlanie.net Android 10, different são de what taken place in previous versions of the system, it is not vital to have actually root or install 3rd party applications chlanie.nete perform the step by step presented below.

How to recover passwords from Wi-Fi rede with Android 10

The procedure to know the password of a Wi-Fi rede already saved on Android is an extremely simple e quick to perform. Examine out:

1. Make certain that ns cell phone"s Wi-Fi is activated and enter Android “Settings”;

2. Tap on “Network e internet” e then click on ns name that your rede “Wi-Fi”;

3. Select a desired Wi-Fi network and tap ns share button. On part systems, you have to see a QR password icon. On the next screen, you should see the Wi-Fi password save on your device.

If her phone somente displays a QR code, however not ns Wi-Fi password, you can usar the google Assistant in associate with google Lens to disclose it, as said by a image below.

Ready! Now, you already know how to find a password for a Wi-Fi rede that is conserved on Android there is no needing source or third-party applications.

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