Whether you"re in ~ home, work, or out and about, chances are you"ll find naquela Wi-Fi rede that friend can connect to for gato access.

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Select the Network icon top top the longe right lado of the taskbar.The Disconnected icon shows up when you’re not connected.

On the Wi-Fi quick setting, select Manage Wi-Fi connections (>).

Choose ns Wi-Fi rede you want, then select Connect.

Type the rede password, and then select Next.

shot these measures to troubleshoot problems getting conectados affix to a Wi-Fi rede

Whether you"re at home, work, or out e about, chances ser estar you"ll find naquela Wi-Fi rede that you can connect to for gato access.

Select the rede icon on ns taskbar. The icon that shows up depends on her current connection state. If you don’t see uma of the network icons (or naquela similar one) presented in a following image, select ns Up arrow  to check out if it appears there.


Choose the Wi-Fi rede you want, then choose Connect.

Type the rede password, e then choose Next.

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Choose Yes or No, escape on a type of rede you"re connecting to e if you desire your computer to be discoverable by other PCs e devices on a network.

try these actions to troubleshoot troubles getting conectados connect to a Wi-Fi rede



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