The wait porque o GIFs in ~ WhatsApp was der long e static one, but in early on 2017 the empresa finally started allowing users to send moving photos to each various other quickly and easily.

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Even though you can now send GIFs to her friends and family on a messaging service, a feature remains der bit hidden. To have the ability to send them, you’ll should be running a recent variation of ns WhatsApp software e if you check out down below we’ll show you exactly how to dá it.

It’s different porque o iOS e Android though, for this reason be certain you’re reading the right section prior to you begin to test it out.

How to send GIFs in WhatsApp ~ above Android

To send GIFs on Android you"ll need to really dig deep, as it"s not at all obvious how to do it. It"s concealed behind a small button in der sub menu, so o primeiro dia off you"ll want to press on a emoticon face in the bottom left edge of the screen.

Here you"ll be greeted with the yellow emoji the you have the right to send within WhatsApp, but in the center of ns bottom of the screen there"s a small button that reads GIF.On the longe side of that is ns stickers switch too.

Press on ns word GIF, and you"ll be immediately greeted with naquela selection of the most estendido GIFs at the moment. These ~ ~ pulled v from der service referred to as Tenor GIFs.

You deserve to scroll down to cycle through all of the difundido options, or if you push on a magnifying glass in ns bottom left corner you can search porque o something specific.

Once your search has actually been entered, you can then scroll under to see all of a searches. Then simply tap on ns GIF you"re interested in to view a full display screen preview. São de here you have the right to add der message if friend want, and tap a arrow come send it.

How to send GIFs in WhatsApp top top iOS

It"s not easy to find GIFs in WhatsApp on iOS either. You"ll must press the plus symbol in the bottom left of the screen to open up up multimedia options, then you"ll be greeted com an choice that reads "photo and video library", which you must press.

In ns bottom left novamente you"ll see naquela magnifying glass symbol with ns word GIF next to it. Press here e you"ll have the ability to search para whatever GIFs you want to send.

Then simply tap on the GIF you wish to send, and you"ll be able to push that o fim to your conversação after a quick preview.

There"s also naquela starred GIF option that will enable you to conserve your favorite GIFs or those you use regularly, so you won"t constantly need to re-search for them each time you desire to usar them.

What if girlfriend have naquela different keyboard?

Some virtual keyboards sell an alternative way of sending GIFs alongside the method shown above.

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For example, if you"re using SwiftKey you can discover GIFs within the keyboard once you organize down the enter button in the lower best hand corner.