O Instagram is 1 of a most estendido social redes of the moment, being widely provided on cabinet phones to share photos and videos quickly chlanie.net your followers. On a other hand, those who usar Instagram on the chlanie.netputer, should have confronted some restrictions such as naquela very small variety of functions.

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One that them, porque o example, is around being able to send private messages with ns direct resource, which leaves you with very limited interaction. Fortunately, the course, there ser estar unofficial techniques to get over this limitation, also using ns social network on ns chlanie.netputer. Next, here"s how to text civilization on Instagram using a browser on your PC.


The technique shown listed below uses só an extension for the browser and does not access any encontro from her Instagram account. It will only make a browser think that you ser estar using her cell phone chlanie.nete access a service.

If you are using home windows 10, a official Instagram app it deserve to be offered to chat on the social network.

How to send Instagram message on PC

The accuse below was performed top top the google Chrome browser, however, anyone looking for an extension for Firefox can use this extension, which functions in virtually a same way. Now, follow a steps:

1. Open google Chrome together usual e go to ns extension page User revendedor autorizado Switcher;

2. On ns open page, click on “Use in Chrome”;

3. Then, click “Add extension”;

4. Now, typically access ns Instagram website e log in chlanie.net your account;

5. Best now, following to ns Chrome deal with bar, click on the icon of a extension that foi ~ installed;

6. In a open list, pick “Android” and then “Android KitKat”;

7. With the page already reloaded, just click on the “Send messages” symbol on Instagram;

8. As soon as you chlanie.netplete using Instagram, don"t forget chlanie.nete click on the extension icon e go chlanie.nete “Chrome> Default” options.

When opening an Instagram file page with this method, you have to see the “Message” switch to contact them. However, if that doesn"t happen, girlfriend can dá a search ao profiles in the send message menu, as shown in ns image below.

Ready! agora you know how to use Instagram on your pc to send exclusive messages with Direct.


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