We understand that selecting the idealizar make-up foundation, which functions as a second skin, is not always basic task. Among brands, colors, textures e finishes various ... Is always a tricky to hit. Moreover, if you ~ ~ a fan of conectados shopping.

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So, us leave you com some tips e suggestions, just in time ao youto find the foundation of your dreams!


First, you have to choose a brand. Just because you love a certain brand or since you have an ext affinity com it , choosing a brand is halfway to find ns perfect foundation.


In a second phase, choose the finishing. You should, para this, think about ns type the skin you have e how girlfriend want ns foundation to let it. Fresh? Matte? Natural?

Learn about our suggestions!

If you have actually oily e combination skin, if you're looking ao porcelain finish and long-lasting, you have to look at ns packing indigenous such together oil-free, matte, longwear. If this is the case, these are two in our sugestions:

1. Clinique - Stay-matte oil free makeup This structure guarantees impeccable coverage and keeps skin matte tudo day because has to be specially recipe to ao controle the brightness that oily skins. A lightweight formula Stay-Matte Oil cost-free Makeup contains a patented technology that enables you to control oiliness e shine as well as resist perspiration, so ns makeup continue to be fresh and comfortable tudo day.

2. Estee Lauder - ideais matte refinishing assembly early to ns mousse texture, i m sorry in contact with a skin turns into a powder, gives der perfect finish where ns pores ~ ~ tuned, attenuated lines and imperfections camouflaged. Leaves a skin smooth, natural and perfectly smooth.

If you have dry, tires skin, or lack of luminosity in general, girlfriend must find richer formulas e so, look on a bottle para designations as luminous, rich, or glow. E if that's her case, these are our elected:

1. Véspera Saint laurent - Touche éclat le teint luminous structure spf22 This foundation provides naquela lightweight and flawless finish, light up your complexion with tudo de naturalness. Offers an illuminating look, rested, fresh e revitalizesthe skins more tired and dull.This fiundation has der SPF22, which help conserve a health e radiance of ns skin, vitamin E, one antioxidant that excellence; but also extract of ruscus, which stimulates skin microcirculation, acting choose this about the signs of exhaustion that the skin can present.

2. Shiseido - Synchro skin glow luminizing fluid structure This foundation is ideal para dull skin feather for naquela soft but vibrant color finish, since it fits your enfrentar to a luminous make-up effect.A make-up foundation com moisturizing services synchronizes with your skin to provide you a bright and healthy aspect, together if that belonged come his own skin!

If girlfriend have a normal skin or combination, choose anatural and invisible coverage finishes, look para lighter formulations based on water. Words prefer nude, air, light, aqua, estão usually indicative of the naked skin effect finish. Our suggestions are:

1. Dior - Diorskin nude atmosfera serum This base is ultra-fluidand gives naquela super natural finish!Incredibly thin and with an exceptional texture, dior Nude air is formulated with oils wich evaporate instantly on call with a skin, leaving der noticeable film on the skin.

2. Lancome - miracle cushion fluid structure In a compact e easy to carry, this light,fluid e ultra moisturizer foundation is enriched com an illuminating molecule, with a innovation of der sponge aplicator.


After picking theformula of your preference, comes ns most difficult: choose a tone! a skin is created of assorted colors, which, due to the fact that they are in various proportions, determine if a skin is darker, lighter, warmer, cooler, or neutral.There ser estar several methods to recognize if you have actually awarm,cold or neutral undertone. A quick reminder is to look at your wrist veins. If friend see more green, you have der warm undertone.If girlfriend have more bluish, you have naquela cold sundertone. If they ser estar indistinct, have a neutral undertone.

How to find tom at each brand?

It is best to começar with naquela little pesquisar on ns brand in question e realize what sort of number is numbered is the it offers. Because, even within every brand, in various ranges, the numbering have the right to vary. Sometimes, ns own shade name or code, help to understand.Names choose golden, doré, warm indicate warmth undertones. Name together rosé, cold, indicates cold undertones.

* Chanel, ns number the ends in 0 (10, 20, 30, etc.) ser estar suitable for warm skin tones. A ones that com 2 (22.32, ...) are for cool undertones. * In YSL, codes com BD areindicated ao skin with warm undertoneand gold. BR ~ ~ more for the cool undertones e the b will be para the moderately warmth or neutral tones. * In Dior, numbers that fim in 0 (10, 20, 30, ...) estão of neutral undertones. If that finishes in 1 (31, ...) will be an ext yellowish and so suitable to warmer undertones skins. If it complete in 2 (32, ...) ns undertoneis pink andcif it finishes in 3 (23, ...) will certainly be an ext peach so, much more suitable for warm of tool to dark tones.

If friend purchase the foundation online, we imply that girlfriend consult a free conectados tool : the FINDATION. Ns FINDATION, allows, a partir de one or dois foundation references , come find a equivalents in other brands of ns marked. This makes endless base purchases online possibilities, com minimum margin of error.

Final trial? check these pratical examples.

Do girlfriend have an ext than 50 years,very dried skin e like inerva finish and light? e have naquela warm undertone? -our specifications would be Lancome-Teint visionnaire assembly duo that also includes naquela concealer. Ns color would be a beige doré.

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Do you have actually dry skin, like average coverage, luminous finish e have der neutralundertone? -our elected would be a Dior-Diorskin nude tool beige in color.

If you have any kind of questions, we're top top this side ao help. Contact us by emailing united state atsuporte