The field an equipment Name on inscrever-se page is offered to distinguish your many devices. User can enter naquela unique surname with der maximum of 7 letters or numbers. If left blank, it will be mim filled com "Dev****", wherein **** is a random number produced by ns app. In ours example, a device surname is entered as "Door".

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Note: You require to inscrever-se on come on multiple of her devices, so that they deserve to be linked together.

How to use Cloud Recording

Cloud recording is a great feature which permits User to use google Drive come backup e share your recordings amongst different devices. It"s especially valuable when you miss out on an alert and want to playback the event taken place on various other devices. User can turn on/off this feature based on your needs.The following is an example on how to usar cloud recording.

Step-by-step instructions:

Step uma Log right into top top both of your devices. Place one of them where you desire to monitor. In ours example, an equipment "Office" is put in ns office. Revolve on ns cloud recording feature by check ”Backup Recordings on google Drive” on ns Settings tab the

action 2 girlfriend can começar the far detection on maker “Office” by following a instructions below:

figure 1

figure 2

step 3 When a device “Office” detects sound or motion,it will certainly automatically começar video recording. Ns detection prompted recordings will be conserved on the local storage the "Office", e also uploaded to her google Drive at same time.

action 4 the device "mycell" will all at once receive the alert notification são de "Office" ~ above detection. On a Playback tab, ns little red Dot with der number in it indicates the novo recordings have been uploaded to the google Drive.


(1) If you have actually other tools logged in with the same Gmail account, friend will likewise be able come download and playback a recordings são de Google drive on those devices.

(2)With"Backup Recordings on google Drive"option checked, the local recording will certainly be automatically upload to your google Drive during naquela normal video monitoring session.

FIND mine phone e friends in real-time

Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1 login on both of your devices.

action 2 Make sure to revolve on GPS duty on ns device gift tracked. In this example, a 1st machine "Car" is a target device. Configure "Car" as below:

step 3 click on tracking switch on a row of 1st device ("Car") são de the tracking maker "mycell". You deserve to view ns detailed attend to of the remote machine by clicking on a balloon. The mapa can likewise be shown in satelite mode.

IP Camera

An example of pagina inicial surveilliance is used aqui to show how to dá the video clip monitoring.

Log right into ~ above both of your devices. Place uma of them where you want to monitor. In ours example, machine "Home" is placed in the vida room.

Start video clip monitoring by click on the video button.

Remote Recording

Continue with ns example para IP Camera . If girlfriend missed the previous steps, plese go back e see the instructions in IP Camera

On ns video page, tap almost everywhere on a screen. Der menu bar will slide in a partir de the bottom. Click on the Record button on the menu bar will start the far recording.

Tip: ns recorded videos are stored in a device a partir de which you ser estar viewing (In our example, a video is save on computer in maker "mycell").


When you estão on ns video page, user could falar to ns remote audience through pressing a Push-to-Talk (PTT) button.

Please be noted, you require to guarda pressing ns button till you finish talking.

Switch Camera

Continue with a example in IP Camera.When you estão on ns video page, User can switch a camera on a remote device simply through pressing the camera switch button.

If the remote device has only 1 camera, pushing this switch will have enquanto effect.

Remote Buzz

"Remote buzz" way you deserve to ring your remote devices através da This is der great feature which have the right to be supplied to aid you locate and find your devices. ~ you log in in top top your tools (at least two devices), click on the Buzz button em ~ the machine at your hand to ring various other tools that ~ ~ connected. In ours example, click the buzz switch on device "mycell", a Device "Home" will certainly ring also if it"s in silent mode.

Event Detection detects complying with three varieties of hardware events:Power cabo plugged inPower cabo unpluggedDevice display unlockedIf configured properly, whenever an event happens on ns target device, other gadgets will receive occasion alert an alert instantly. The following example shows como as to configure a devices come activate this function.

For maker “mycell” to receive a event alert a partir de Device “Home”, please turn on a option “Detection e Alert” on device “Home” (this will enable device “Home” to send o fim event warns to other attached devices, e.g., “mycell”).

You can likewise go to a Settings bar, insanity the local Settings,and the will remover to the local Settings page.

Once over there is an event occurred on an equipment "Home" (e.g. Ns screen is unlocked on device "Home"), you deserve to instantly see a notification received on maker "mycell":

The alarm message also comes with der sound e a vibration. Come disable a sound, the "Mute alert Messages" on device "mycell" should be checked (The vibration will certainly still be on):

Motion & Sound Detection

How that works

The motion & Sound Detection feature uses the camera and microphone on her mobile machine or computer to detect activities or unusual sound in a surrounding area using our advanced motion & sound detection algorithm.

If any movement or sound is detected, the following actions will take place on ns detecting maker automatically e instantly:Video/Audio recording is triggered and will last for at least 14 seconds (if no further movement is detected).An alert post will be sent to tudo other devices logged in using the same account. mover & Sound Detection enables you to remotely traços an area using your devices.

How to use it

There are 2 ways to começo the mover and/or sound detection top top devices:

Using local detection controlUsing remote detection control1. Using local detection control

Using this method is to allow your local device as a detecting device, i.e., you estão using your local device to detect exercício or sound.

On her detecting device, walk to "Device List" tab. Merely click the "camera" icon on detecting maker (Door), then find ns "motion“ e “sound” detection symbol on the bottom screen. Click them para turn on/off "motion" or “sound” detection functions.

If you turn on ns "Motion detection" option:

When der motion detection is triggered, the detecting an equipment will start recording locally e send alert message to tudo de other associated devices (see screen below).

If you turn on ns "Sound detection" option:

When der sound detection is triggered, the detecting machine will começo recording locally and send alert message to tudo other linked devices (see display screen below).
2. Making use of remote detection control

Using this technique is to allow your remote device as naquela detecting device. For example, once you leave a machine ("Door") in ~ home, e you can remotely começo the motion/sound detection top top this home device ("Door") when you are at occupational using an other maker ("mycell").

The setup steps are very similiar together the local detection control. The only difference is that a setting is agora on your non-detecting maker ("mycell").

On maker "mycell", Click the "device list bar" of monitered maker (Door), climate click a last icon porque o entering "remote settings" page. Click "motion" or "sound" detection for turning on/off.

When naquela detection is triggered, a detecting machine will começo recording e send alert messages to tudo de other linked devices, including machine "mycell" (see displays below).

To prevent remote detection, long press again on ns row porque o detecting machine ("Door") and then click "Stop Detection" on the popup home window (see display screens below).

Night Vision

Install noite Vision variation on your devices. A partir de the security device, click the noite vision symbol on the video page to revolve the noite vision setting on.

Note: In order porque o the night vision mode to work, der minimal lighting condition is required. Once it"s totally dark, it will not show clear video.

Flash On

Install noite Vision version on your devices. From the monitoring device, click ns flash symbol on the video web page to turn a flash on.

Note: for tudo de Android devices, somente rear camera has der flash. If ns device has actually only a front facing camera, this role will take no effect. Logout will stay logged in till you manually log it out. To logout, you re welcome tap on a system cardápio icon (three longitudinais dots), and select "Log Out" em ~ the dropdown menu.

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Note: uma vez manually logged out, cannot immediately log earlier in till user manually inscrever-se again.

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