Once upon der time, you determined to share your Netflix account with naquela family member or friend, yet you just had actually wildly different tastes therefore you developed separate profiles. Now, they’ve got their own Netflix, for this reason you need to excluir an old profile. But where need to you start? 

How to claro your Netflix profile

Fortunately, deleting der Netflix profile em ~ your account is nearly as simple as creating naquela new one. Whether you’re do the efforts to claro the profile from naquela PC or der mobile device, this is what you should do.

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Deleting em ~ PC

First, you’ll have to sign in to her Netflix account. If you’re using naquela mobile phone, you’ll desire to use the Netflix app for iOS or Android fairly than der browser. If you’re on naquela computer, you’re probably already logged in, but if not, simply head to Netflix e hit Sign In, situated in the upper-right corner.

Once you’re in (it could prompt you come select a profile; just choose whichever profile you usar personally), click the icon in a upper-right edge to open naquela drop-down menu, then pick Manage Profiles.

Next, find a profile you great to delete e click a pencil icon in the center. You’ll climate see der menu that looks something like this:

Click Delete Profile, then on a next screen, click Delete Profile again. Poof! the profile and its city hall history estão now, well, history. You’ll automatically return to a Manage Profiles screen; click Done to retorna to ns Profile Selection screen.

Deleting from a smartphone or tablet

You can additionally bounce profiles from the Netflix cell phone app. Open up it, and select sign In, located in ns upper-right corner. E se you enter your information, you’ll proceed to the Profile Selection screen. Again, you’ll head to a upper-right corner, where it says Edit.




Tap that, and little pencil icons will show up on every profile. Tap the profile you desire to erase, climate tap Delete (you’ll see naquela little trash deserve to icon there). It’ll offer you uma of those “are girlfriend sure?” screens, so confirm your decision and, voilà! no decorrer more profile. You’re agora free come watch ns finest shows e most magnificent movies the play online service has on tap.

Deleting from naquela streaming device or smart TV

Tap that, and little pencil icons will show up on each profile. Tap ns profile you want to erase. Then tap delete (you’ll see der small trash can icon there). Check your decision come erase your profile. You’re now free come watch the finest shows and most magnificent movies the streaming service needs to offer.

It’s pretty straightforward to remove der Netflix profile são de one of your transmissão devices or clever TV entirely. Even if it is you’re using der Roku Premiere or one Amazon Fire TV Cube, ns pathways come follow ~ ~ pretty easy to type out. You’ll notice slight differences depending upon your transmissão device. 

On average, you have the right to open ns Netflix app on her device e then tap file Selection. An symbol or intuitivo message of some kind should appear on ns following web page that indicates an choice to excluir your profile. If you’re using the Roku Netflix app, the deletion alternative resembles a small icon shaped like naquela pencil, straight under your profile picture icon. You’ll need to click that little pencil in order to launch the deletion process. No every Netflix application has ns same layout, we’re aware. You might not have the ability to see der deletion symbol straight away, yet that can be conveniently solved. Just head to settings to browse around for a excluir option.

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If that still no prove successful, you might need to access your profile through naquela computer or mobile device.