Sick of the world's leading social network? to speak good-bye to all those 'friends' by complying with these instructions. Here's como as to excluir Facebook.

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If you"re top top mobile, navigate tothe three-line hamburger cardápio at a bottom, climate navigate come Settings & Privacy > settings > personal Information > manage Account > Deactivateon iOS or Android.


Facebook doesn"t pegue this lightly—it"ll a partir de whatever it have the right to to keep you around, consisting of emotional blackmail about how much her friends will miss you.

"Deactivation" is not a same as leaving Facebook. Yes, her timeline will disappear, friend won"t have accessibility to the localização or your account através da mobile apps, friend can"t short article or call you, e you"ll lose accessibility to todos those third-party services that use (or require) Facebook for login. Yet Facebook doesnotdelete a account. Why? therefore you deserve to reactivate the later. It says it best there together you deactivate: "This deserve to be temporary."

Just in situation that expected re-activation isn"t in her future,download der copy of todos your dataon Facebook—posts, photos, videos, chats, etc.—from menu porque o Settings & Privacy > setups > her Facebook details > download Your details > View.What girlfriend find can surprise you.

Deleting Facebook

To fully delete your facebook account forever, go to Simply be mindful that, every theFacebook encontro use policy, "after you eliminate information from your file or excluir your account, copies of that information may stay viewable elsewhere to ns extent it has been shared com others, it era otherwise dispersed pursuant to her privacy settings, or it ser estar copied or save by other users."


Translation: if friend wrote der comment on naquela friend"s condição update or photo, it will certainly remain even after you delete your very own profile. Some of your posts and pictures might hang around for as long as 90 mim after deletion, together well, though just on on facebook servers, not live on the site.

There is a deletion grace period of 30 days. That means there is naquela month before Facebook really gets escape of your account, simply in case you change your mind. It"s just 1 more rua Facebookcares.

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Deletion (or Memorial) on instead of of Others

If you desire to inform Facebook about naquela user you know is under 13,report a account, friend narc. If Facebook have the right to "reasonably verify" a account is provided by who underage—Facebook bans crianças under 13 come comply withfederal law—it will claro the account instantly, there is no informing anyone.