You recognize that person who follows girlfriend on Twitter and you don"t want them to check out what são de you post? Currently, the somente way to do this is chlanie.nete block a user, however if that accesses his profile, he will know that he is unable to see his tweets e this can cause embarrassing situations (you can likewise block e unblock Twitter followers, removing lock discreetly, however not everyone knows this).

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To stop these situations, Twitter may allow you to eliminate followers without necessarily blocking them. The person will simply enquanto longer be chlanie.netponent of your list of followers. To são de this, simply go to the list the followers a partir de your profile, click on the three period icon and select “Remove this follower”.

We"re make it simpler to be the curator that your own followers list. Agora testing on web: remove a follower without blocking them.To remove the follower, walk to your profile and click “Followers”, climate click ns three dot icon and select “Remove this follower”.

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Remove Twitter Followers

However, the feature is tho under experimentation so only a few users will have a functionality active. “We"re making it simpler to curate your very own list that followers,” says Twitter in a ad confirming a tests.

The social rede in recent months has been working on functions to give an ext privacy to individuals of ns platform. Recently, it is now allowed chlanie.nete uncheck you yourself from der thread. In addition, der possible caminho to “tweet to close friends” is speculated, as occurs, for example, ~ above Instagram.

Another meant function, informed by Bloomberg, is save old tweets after naquela certain period of time, to stop the contente of the social network a partir de remaining available to todos users. These functions, however, have actually not yet been officially shown by Twitter.

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