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We have two google add-ons obtainable in English:

Google creates Add-On

This add-on is available for all chlanie.net plan types, including ns free plan.

To import your google Form into a survey:

Open your google Form.Click Add-ons são de the toolbar.Open the chlanie.net add-on. You'll should log in with your chlanie.net details come authorize e open a app.Once the app window pops up, select a form concerns you desire to encompass in your survey. Questions that ~ ~ greyed o fim can't be imported.Click Convert come Survey.

Google Sheets Add-On

This add-on is available para chlanie.net paid plans.

To import your inspeção results to google Sheets:

Click Add-ons são de the toolbar.Open a chlanie.net add-on. You'll must log in com your chlanie.net details come authorize and open a app.Once your pesquisa de opinião list mister up, click the survey you want to import outcomes from.Click Import to ns right that the inspeção title to income the pesquisa de opinião data.

The spreadsheet organizes respondents by row and includes the time the pesquisa was it is registered or critical modified and the complete answer set ao each respondent. Para additional respondent metadata you might have had in an email Invitation Collector, please baixar an tudo de Responses dia XLS export.

The add-on imports tudo de responses em ~ the collectors you selected into naquela sheet with the exact exact same name as a survey. The following details will assist you importar started analyzing the spreadsheet:

Row uma contains a question text em ~ the survey.When naquela question isn't answer or is skipped by logic, a cell will say "Not Answered".The Checkbox question kind lists each answer choice as it's own column and assigns True if ns answer option was selected or False if it wasn’t.Questions com multiple rows, columns, or fields of answer options span across multiple columns in a spreadsheet com each row, column, or field in its very own column.A/B Test dia does no import.

You can produce filters in google Sheets come organize a results, but it's finest to wait come edit a spreadsheet till you're excellent refreshing ns results—refreshing may overwrite changes you've make to a sheet.

To refresh a available surveys or an answer counts every collector, click

at a top of a list to a right of your chlanie.net username.

To manually refresh survey dia to add novo responses, you have dois options:

You can refresh the data within a same sheet if both the survey title in ns chlanie.net app window and the name of a sheet match—this will overwrite any kind of changes you've make to the sheet.

To refresh inspeção data, click Import to ns right that the pesquisa title.

You can import the survey encontro into a new sheet (or tab) within the spreadsheet if friend don't want to overwite any changes you've made. Girlfriend have dois options:

Edit ns name of the sheet (the tab within the spreadsheet—not ns name of a spreadsheet itself), then click Import to the right the the inspeção title. Naquela new sheet will certainly be developed within ns spreadsheet.Edit the pesquisa title in chlanie.net, then click Import to a right the the pesquisa title. A new sheet will certainly be produced with the updated pesquisa title.
TIP! If girlfriend accidentally overwrite important alters you make to her sheet as soon as refreshing, you have the right to restore ns previous variation of ns sheet a partir de your review history.

If your survey has naquela lot of concerns or responses, please describe Google's spreadsheet dimension limits. We support the new version of google Sheets, i beg your pardon has a limit of 2 million cells per spreadsheet.

Linking & Unlinking your Accounts

Your google account can apenas um be linked with uma chlanie.net account at naquela time.

To switch a chlanie.net account you're making use of in a add-on:

Click Sign Out são de the bottom of ns chlanie.net app window.Click Get Started within that exact same window.On the authorization page, click Use one more Account and log in.

To unlink her accounts entirely:

Use o complemento da chlanie.net para aplicações Google para importar dele formulário para um questionário da chlanie.net. Usar o complemento da chlanie.net porque o Planilhas google para digitar os resultado do questionário agora mesmo para emprego Planilhas Google.
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