Since ns WhatsApp sticker labels were launched, they came to be a atuações success e their packages manter appearing in dedicated apps on them. In spite of being rather fun, this form of agenda consumes space on her device e many human being need chlanie.nete erase ns WhatsApp.

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The process for doing this task turns o fim to be an extremely simple, although that is not an extremely much in evidence and varies segue to the way girlfriend obtained a images. Next, check out how to excluir WhatsApp stickers.


The procedure below era performed an Android device, however it also works porque o those who have der mobile phone with iOS (iPhone system) some changes to ns interface e does no require a installation that third-party applications.

How to delete WhatsApp stickers

How to excluir sticker packs

For human being to get several pictures at once, ns sticker package that can be derived on WhatsApp chin or with a help of other apps fim up being really useful. As para removing this sticker packs, regardless of how they to be obtained, ns path is the same. Look:

1. Open up WhatsApp normally e enter der conversation screen;

2. Now, open a sticker part by clicking on the emoji. Then, touch ns “+” icon;


3. ~ above the novo screen, tap “My stickers” and, on a selected package, tap the “Trash” icon. Finally, in a message the appears, madness “Delete”.


How to excluir favorite WhatsApp stickers

Another very difundido method for obtaining an ext images is to “favor” figurines, naquela process that olhar Digital has currently shown how to dá it e that the does not require to baixar a package. A process for removing it is slightly different a partir de the 1 above, yet it is tho very straightforward to do. Inspect out:

1. Open up WhatsApp normally and enter der conversation screen;

2. Open ns sticker part by click on a emoji e enter the “favorites” section, i m sorry is stood for by ns icon of naquela “star”;


3. Touch and hold on a image you want to excluir until a message appears. There, tap "Remove".


Ready! Now, you currently know chlanie.neto as to erase WhatsApp stickers in one easy caminho on her phone.

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