This der article uses to iOS devices running version 5.7.0 e later and Android devices running version 6.6.0 and later.

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The Authenticator application backs up her account credentials e related app settings, together as ns order of your accounts, to a cloud. You can then use the app to recuperate your information on a new device, potentially staying clear of getting locked out or having actually to recreate accounts.

Each backup storage location requires you come have 1 personal account, and iOS calls for you to additionally have an iCloud account. You have the right to have multiple account stored in that solitary location. For example, you can have der personal account, naquela work or college account, e a personal, account like para Facebook, Google, and so on.

Important: Only her personal and account credentials ~ ~ stored, which consists of your username and the account confirmation code that"s compelled to prove your identity. We don"t store any kind of other information associated com your accounts, consisting of emails or files. We likewise don"t associate or share her accounts in any caminho or com any various other product or service. Her IT admin doesn"t importar any information around any of this accounts.

Back up your account credentials

Before friend can earlier up your credentials, you must have:

Turn ~ above cloud backup porque o iOS devices

On her iOS device, select Settings, select Backup, and then revolve on iCloud backup. Your account credentials are backed approximately your iCloud account.


Turn on cloud backup porque o Android devices

On your Android device, select Settings, select Backup, and then turn on Cloud backup. Her account credentials ~ ~ backed approximately your cloud account.


Recover your account credentials on your novo device

You have the right to recover your account credentials em ~ your cloud account, however you must primeiro make sure that the account you"re recovering doesn"t exist in the Authenticator app. Porque o example, if you"re recovering your personal account, you have to make certain you don"t have a personal account already set up in a authenticator app. This inspect is important so we have the right to be sure we"re no overwriting or erasing an present account by mistake.

To recoup your information

On her mobile device, open ns Authenticator app, and select Begin recovery.


Sign in to your recovery account using ns personal account you offered during a backup process. Your account credentials ser estar recovered come the new device.

After you end up your recovery, you might notification that your an individual account confirmation codes in a Authenticator app are different between your old and new phones. A codes ~ ~ different since each device has its own unique credential, however both ~ ~ valid and work if signing in using their respective phones.

Recover accounts requiring much more verification

If you use push notifications with your an individual or work or institution accounts, you"ll compreendo an on-screen alarm that claims you need to provide additional verification prior to you deserve to recover your information. Because push notifications call for using a credential that"s tied come your specific device and never sent over ns network, you should prove your identification before a credential is created on your device.

For an individual accounts, you deserve to prove your identity by entering your password along com an alternate email or phone number. Porque o work or institution accounts, you have to scan a QR code offered to friend by your account provider.

To provide much more verification porque o personal accounts

In the Accounts screen of a Authenticator app, tap the account you desire to recuperate to open a full screen panorama of the account.

Tap a tile para the account you"re recovering and then tap ns option to authorize in to recover. Go into your password e then check your email attend to or call number as added verification.


To provide an ext verification for work or college accounts

In the Accounts screen of the Authenticator app, tap ns account you desire to recoup to open the full screen opinião of the account.

In a full display view, tap ns option to scan naquela QR code to fully recover.



For much more info around QR codes and how to vai one, see Get started with ns Authenticator app or Set increase security details to usar an authenticator app, based on whether your admin has actually turned on security info.

If this is the o primeiro dia time you"re setting up a Authenticator app, you could receive a prompt questioning whether to allow the app to access your camera (iOS) or come allow the app to take pictures e record video clip (Android). Permit camera access so the authenticator application can take der picture of the QR code. If friend don"t allow the camera, you deserve to still set up the authenticator app, however you"ll have to add the code information manually. For information about how to add a code manually, check out see Manually include an account to ns app.

Troubleshoot backup e recovery problems

There are a couple of reasons why your backup might not be available



Changing operating systems

Your back-up is save on computer in ns iCloud for iOS and in"s cloud storage provider para Android. This means that your backup is do not have if girlfriend switch in between Android e iOS devices. If girlfriend make the switch, you need to manually recreate her accounts within a Authenticator app.

Network problems

If you"re enduring network-related problems, make certain you"re linked to a network and properly signed in to your account.

Account problems

If you"re suffering account-related problems, make sure that you"re properly signed in to your account. Ao iOS this method that you need to be signed into iCloud using the same apple ID as your iPhone.

Accidental deletion

It"s possible that you turned off your back-up account são de your previous machine or while managing your cloud storage account. In this situation, you should manually recreate her account within the app.

Existing Authenticator accounts

If you"ve already set up accounts in the Authenticator app, ns app won"t have the ability to recover her backed-up accounts. Staying clear of recovery helps ensure that your account details aren"t overwritten com out-of-date information. In this situation, you have to remove any type of existing account information são de the currently accounts set up in your Authenticator app before you have the right to recover her backup.

Backup is out-of-date

If your back-up information is out-of-date, you might be asked come refresh the information by signing in to her restore account again. Her recovery account is a personal account friend used at first to save your backup. If der sign-in is required, you"ll see a red period on your menu or action bar, or you’ll view an exclamation mark icon prompting girlfriend to authorize in to finish restoring a partir de backup. After friend select ns appropriate icon, you"ll be prompted to authorize in novamente to update your information.

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Next steps

Now that you"ve backed up e recovered your account credentials come your novo device, friend can continue to use ns Authenticator app to verify her identity. Ao more information, see Sign in to your accounts using the Authenticator app.