One of ns best means of safeguarding ns information ~ above an iphone or iPad against dage or ns is backing up, or copying, your files and settings to either her Mac or to iCloud. Backing increase is also useful if friend get a new device e want to carry your previous settings to it.

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After you earlier up her device, you can use the backup to restore the information top top your maker whenever needed. If your maker has worries that can’t be solved by restoring from a backup, you can also restore your an equipment to its factory settings and then restore naquela recent back-up to watch if that fixes the problem.

Click general in ns button bar.

To select back up options, a partir de any of a following:

Select ns “Back increase your many important data on her <device> to iCloud” button to save backup dia on iCloud and not on her Mac.

Select a “Back up todos of the dia on your <device> to this Mac” to save backups on your Mac.

Select a ““Encrypt local backup” checkbox to encrypt your back-up data and protect it with naquela password. To change your password later, click mudança Password.

Click earlier Up Now.

If your machine has an issue, you have the right to use naquela recent backup to restore ns information on a device.

In the Finder on her Mac, select a device in a Finder sidebar.

Click visão global in a button bar.

Click regain Backup.

Click a Backup pop-up menu, choose ns backup you want to restore to ns device, climate click Restore.

If your back-up is encrypted, you have to enter ns password before restoring her files e settings.

You deserve to reinstall the programas originally on your device and restore it to its factory settings. You might need to do this if you having problems with a device (for example, if that freezes or crashes frequently) of if you’re obtaining ready to sell or provide it away.

Important: Restoring a device to its manufacturing facility settings deletes tudo de your information and settings. However, prior to doing so, your Mac backs up your device. Girlfriend can use this backup to regain your information and settings on ns device.

Note: You should turn off ns Find My app in iCloud settings on your an equipment before you can restore her device.

Connect your maker to her Mac using naquela USB or USB-C cable.

You can’t restore your maker using der Wi-Fi connection.

In a Finder on her Mac, select ns device in ns Finder sidebar.

Click normal in ns button bar.

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Click “Restore <device>,” then follow the onscreen instructions.

” button appears next to ns “Check para Update” button." height="83" width="466" originalImageName="Art/S1201_SyncGeneralUpdate.png">
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