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WhatsApp creates special folders, for all the média shared, on mobile devices which can be donate up and synced to OneDrive automatically. Read our guide porque o more info.

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WhatsApp ao mobile has emerged native backup integration features with each platform. WhatsApp Android users deserve to store the conversando backup in their google Drive account, when WhatsApp iOS users deserve to store ns backup in your iCloud account.

These settings are available by opened WhatsApp on her phone, going to Settings e Chat backup options.

The backup feature is customizable, which means WhatsApp gives its users ns authority to ago up their data on der daily, weekly e monthly basis, or also not at tudo if lock disable it são de settings. Furthermore, users deserve to disable auto-backup when on mobile data and customize it to start ns backup process only when associated to der WiFi network.

Now, what about ns other files? tudo those images, gifs e videos shared with your contacts or obtained in different coporação, grupo chats? Those documents can be automatically uploaded come OneDrive e synced with your other devices.

How deserve to I instantly upload WhatsApp records to OneDrive?

Open a app and click on the Me tab.Go to Settings -> Camera upload.If you enable Camera upload (or you currently have it enabled) every snapshot taken with a phone will vai synced with your OneDrive account.Once you check your Microsoft account, some more options will be available. We ser estar interested in the Additional folders option. Tap top top it.From over there you will be able to choose the WhatsApp images folder or a WhatsApp video folder.

That’s it. Now, by default, whenever you are connected via WiFi, your WhatsApp records will be synced come OneDrive automatically.

In situation you have actually too many files acquisition up space, you could constantly use two separate accounts. You can have 1 to do photos backup a partir de your mobile phone, e another one for other files from your computer. E you can accessibility them both at ns same equipe on her PC com our guide of using two OneDrive account on 1 computer.

Did it work for you? Leave any type of questions in a comments below.

The OneDrive service available by Microsoft is quite naquela robust back-up solution porque o personal files and folders with der generous 5GB free plan.

Go to ns OneDrive website and login com your account. Over there you have the right to select the Recycle Bin and select any kind of files or folders the you want to restore.

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If ns phone has the same operating system, you have the right to use ns built-in cloud bate-papo backup attributes to reclaim your conversando on the new phone using google Drive or iCloud.