ClickCard is a complete contact management solution to improve your networking com cutting edge digital business cards.

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Why does your company need ClickCard?

See some benefits porque o your empresa when using our platform. If you want to recognize better, click listed below to conversação with our consultants.


Show your customers e suppliers that your empresa is innovative and digitalized using the same platform supplied by large companies in a market


Allow all employees to have digital business cards, which can be shared without harming ns environment


Decrease ns time the takes an employee to update details on his company card or print more, from mim to der few minutes


Compared to a printed company card, our solution, in enhancement to being an ext advantageous and modern, gives your empresa with an typical of 70% in savings
Join ns most innovative suppliers in their field

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StorageWith our digital wallet, todos the contact you obtain will it is in organized e updated. You have the right to store tudo the paper business cards you receive using our clever scanner. In addition, you deserve to export all your contact to the CRM of your selection or re-publishing them in between teams. All contacts can likewise be exported to your phone's agenda.

ClickCard existing in various segments

Consolidated market Share, including some leaders from each sector

More examples são de our customers

We provide for your company a digitais business map suited porque o your needs

What deserve to I add to mine ClickCard?

You can include just around anything come your digitais business cards. Ao example: buttons come call, send email, social networks, add contact, location, etc. Tudo this when maintaining a visual identification of her business.

The ideal companies around ns world, large e small, to trust ClickCard to mudança the rua they connect in the digitais age.

ClickCard is present in numerous of a best deals around the world.

Join a most innovative carriers in your field

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Your digital card additionally has naquela QR Code.

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Test our functionality now, on the iPhone scan a code listed below with ns phone's camera, top top Android scan with google Lens.