Today’s most Successful TSRs count on Simphony

Thousands of companies around a world depend on Simphony point of Sale são de The leading table-service restaurant management software helps them meet their goals. Simphony is currently helping businesses like yours deliver serve more customers faster, direção costs, e increase profits. Whether you run naquela fine dining restaurant or a contemporary normal concept we estão here come help. Supply flawless service to your customers with a most trusted e flexible table service POS systems in ns food and beverage industry.

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New iorque Burger

New york Burger

Spanish table-service restaurant new York burger rolled o fim Simphony and MICROS comprimidos across your restaurants to affix their servers to a kitchen. Using real-time order sharing a chain has actually realized der 50 percent decrease in customer wait-time across its five restaurants.

Za Pizza

Za Pizza

Canadian fast-casual chain Za Pizza depends on Simphony come track all their location’s to work in real-time. Offering them increase to a minute understanding into revenue, job costs, e how areas compare over time. See como as Simphony help them regulate everything são de inventory to loyalty and gift map redemption.

Copenhagen Concepts

Copenhagen Concepts

Copenhagen principles chose Simphony to help them maintain their brand standards across todos their luxury steakhouses in Europe. Simphony ensures menu and pricing consistency and offers support para multiple languages e currencies. Simphony has actually helped Copenhagen concepts reduce complexity e improve operations.

All-In-One table Service POS Software

Simphony POS programas is a foundation you require to enfrentar any challenge and seize every opportunity. Ours fast-casual table service POS sistema brings your entirety restaurant operation together em ~ the front-of-house to a back-of-house. You can easily control every component of your business a partir de tableside ordering come menu and pricing management e even customer loyalty. Tudo from a single cloud platform.

Stylish e Rugged POS Tablets and Terminals MICROS tabela service restaurant hardware is developed to last. Our gadgets have been designed to stand up to heat, spills, drops, heavy use e everything else a restaurant market demands. Our hardware likewise incorporates the best in processing power, speed, reliability, and above all, security.

Arm her waitstaff com real-time menu item updates and instant interaction with a kitchen. Our mobile POS tablets with credit transaction card readers ser estar perfect para restaurants providing tableside attributes including ordering, upsell and payment. Operation your restaurant on our high-powered, large-screen POS platform. The Workstation 6 offers a processing power, payment capabilities, e durability you need to keep your restaurant running smoothly when increasing table turnover.

Integrated Kitchen display Systems MICROS Kitchen screen Systems (KDS) carry efficiency into a kitchen, displaying new orders and updates a partir de your restaurant POS system in problema time. Our KDS help kitchen supervisors prioritize online and in-house orders, minimize errors, and improve rate of service.

Time come move improvisado from fora dated paper-based kitchen printers e toward kitchen automation. Pick efficiency e elevate her guest experience com kitchen display screen systems. In today’s kitchen, orders come from many platforms, e MICROS KDS seamlessly integrates, routes, e sequences orders to provide the highest top quality guest experience.

Intuitive tabela Service point of revenue Software

Whether friend run der fine dining restaurant or der fast normal food chain, Simphony suggest of sale is the right restaurant administration system for your tabela service business. Our table service hardware and software help you emphasis on her guests, no your technology. Ours all-in-one restaurant administration systems help you operation your front-of-house, earlier office, and kitchen from der single, easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

Built to tackle a newest set of obstacles facing a food e beverage sector today Simphony provides your customers a premium guest suffer whether lock dine in or in ~ home e allows girlfriend to connect every part of your restaurant. The integrated POS table management system conexão everything a partir de table service and mobile application orders come kitchen operations porque o flawless e efficient service.

Built-in cardápio Management

Our menu management system helps girlfriend update cardápio items in real-time for tudo your places in uma shot. Changes to everything em ~ inventory and ingredients come pricing and local regulation are tudo managed centrally. Even if it is you manage der single location or multiple locations across a range the languages, our restaurant table service point of sale systems makes menu management easy.

Our team is here to assist you to face the an obstacle of obtaining your restaurant menu ready to meet a needs of conectados ordering and restaurant distribution services.

Inventory Management

Our restaurant perform tracking software helps you maintain stock levels com minimal waste. Through tapping right into real-time forecasting data, it says order amounts at a optimal time. The also shows what you should have actually on ns shelf, helping you identify and prevent over-portioning, loss, theft, and waste.

Our restaurant inventory system also integrates com vendors e suppliers. Quickly re-order, accessibility invoices online, analyze pricing trends, create menu models, and more.

Labor Scheduling and Reporting

When 49% the restaurant employee schedules mudança after posting, manual staff scheduling can become time-consuming. Ours restaurant scheduling programas assists com scheduling shifts using real-time forecasting and employee dia so you can conveniently reduce overtime costs, understaffing issues, e more.

Happy employee leads come happier customers. Ours employee monitoring tools assistance onboarding, training, time-off requests, and employee potência so you can ensure your employee is educated, comfortable, e primed come deliver a best service.

A complete POS Integration Ecosystem

Our restaurant suggest of revenue systems ~ ~ built on naquela secure and open platform. This means you can easily attach your in residence operations com your favorite conectados ordering platform, distribution services, reservation apps, payment handling gateways, e more.

The Cloud Marketplace uses an ecosystem of totally vetted Simphony POS software integration partners. Personalizing your restaurant POS system to fit ns needs that your service has never been easier.

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What will certainly My tabela Service Restaurant POS sistema Cost?

Our cloud-based restaurant POS systems ~ ~ competitively priced, e our committed finance team is always obtainable to crunch ns numbers. Our product experts ser estar standing by to aid you create naquela restaurant POS sistema package that’s right para your business. Vai in touch and we can aid you calculate your bruta cost of property so you can make an educated decision quickly.