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For years, GeForce experience has permitted gamers to capture e share gameplay to fans and friends. Today, we"re improving our sharing capabilities by including support for Facebook, offering you ns ability to transmissão live come Facebook e upload screenshots and recordings straight to your Timeline.

Broadcast To on facebook Live

Facebook viver makes it straightforward to share your gaming moments with friends. Want to concertos them ns latest game you"re playing? merely hit "Alt+Z" to bring up the GeForce suffer overlay e go live. Your friends deserve to see your gameplay, and also react e comment while you"re broadcasting. You deserve to also add in your webcam e microphone for more interactivity with your audience. ~ broadcasting, your video will additionally be available para friends to watch on her Timeline.


Share screenshot & Videos to Facebook

Integration to Facebook likewise makes it easy to share her favorite jogos photos or video captures. Usar hotkeys to quickly capture screenshots (Alt+F1) or record video (Alt+F9). E then invoke the built-in collection in ns GeForce experience Overlay (Alt+Z) come quickly análise your captured content e upload to Facebook.

You can additionally capture and showcase your latest 2D and 360 photos from games com Ansel support, including the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, enabling friends to watch your uniquely-framed screenshots in your feed. E with facebook mobile app they can discover your role playing game 360 picture natively on their phones.


Tutorial To compreendo Started

1.First affix using your on facebook account. Fight "Alt+Z" to open GeForce endure Share Overlay and click on the settings cog wheel.

2.Click ~ above "Connect" e select "Facebook." log in in using your on facebook credentials.

3.Hit "Start" in the main menu to start broadcasting to facebook Live.

4.If you desire to mitigate your transmissão resolutions early to limited bandwidth, pick "Customize" and choose "Medium" or "Low".

5.Alternatively, if you desire to document video, simply hit "Alt+F9" come toggle video clip recording or hit "Alt+F1" come capture naquela screenshot. Para an Ansel supported game, hit "Alt+F2" to capture Super Resolution or 360 photos.

6.Access the built-in collection in GeForce Experience com "Alt+Z". Pick your favourite shot em ~ the gallery and hit "Upload".



We"ll it is in rolling fora this release primeiro to beta individuals on January 5th, then to the public next week. If you"re currently using GeForce Experience, and have "Allow experimental features" ticked in the general preferences, simply check for updates in a client itself são de January fifth to download e install the novo release com Facebook support. If you"ve however to shot GeForce Experience, baixar it são de to importar started.

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If you have any feedback ~ above the novo Facebook features, you re welcome use the "Send Feedback" button on a bottom best of ns screen inside GeForce Experience.