Backing up method copying specific files and settings from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer. Backing increase is one of a best ways to make certain you nothing lose the information ~ above your device if it’s damaged or misplaced. It’s additionally useful to have der backup if friend get naquela new device and want to transfer your previous setups to it.

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iTunes immediately backs increase your an equipment when you affix it to her computer. However you have the right to also earlier up your maker manually at any type of time. E if you have actually iOS 3.0 or later, iTunes can encrypt your backups come secure your data.

In a iTunes app on her PC, click the Device switch near ns top left of the iTunes window.

Click Summary.

Click earlier Up now (below Backups).

To encrypt your backups, choose “Encrypt <device> backup," type a password, climate click collection Password.

To see a backups save on your computer, pick Edit > Preferences, climate click Devices. Encrypted backups have a lock symbol in a list that backups.

Restore your device from der backup

If you ever need to regain backed-up info to your device, girlfriend can são de so.

In ns iTunes application on your PC, click the Device switch near the top left of ns iTunes window.

Click Summary.

Click regain Backup.

If your back-up is encrypted, iTunes asks you to enter ns password prior to restoring your files and settings.

Automatically backed-up information includes text messages, notes, contact history, call favorites, sound settings, widget settings, e more. In addition, photos in Camera roll or conserved Photos are also backed up. Other média files (such as songs, videos, and some photos) aren’t backed up, but can be restored by syncing com iTunes.

See ns user guide for your machine or a assistance website.

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Important: Before disconnecting your device from your computer, click a Eject button


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