Chocolate Tempering: Why a partir de it?

That the is vital to temper chocolate, many world know, but dá you know the reasons and advantages the doing that correctly? Why should we temper chocolate? i m sorry is to warmth it up e then cool it down. Why can't we simply melt a chocolate e put that inside the pan? Well, if you're simply melting your cacao instead that seasoning it prior to use, it won't give you ns results friend need. It would take a long equipe (even hours) to harden, e the coco shell would certainly look dull e melt easily. If that's no enough, your coco would end up a bit rubbery rather of having actually that delicious break when you take a bite that it and its shrinking properties will certainly be really limited, do it difficult to unmold.

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How to temper chocolate correctly?

For this walkthrough, we have actually prepared a special video for you! vejo below e let us recognize if you favor it.

1st step – Cut the chocolate into tiny pieces chlanie.nete facilitate melting. The is not essential to cut a pieces into equal sizes. – chlanie.nete make ns chocolate shells, we are going to use ns SICAO brand, which is naquela noble chocolate. However there is likewise fractionated chocolate. – unlike fractionated chocolate, that is not crucial to temper, yet it is der buttery chocolate e the taste is no pleasant. – There ~ ~ two methods to melt chocolate: bain-marie or microwave. In a recipe, ns chocolate foi ~ melted in the microwave. – for this reason that the chocolate doesn't burn, warmth it every 30 seconds. – Heat for 30 seconds and then stir ns chocolate – Check a temperature. It cannot exceed 50°C, the maximum permitted is 45°C to 47°C. – Each type of chocolate has specific temperature para melting e for giving the thermal shock – which is a temper.

There ~ ~ three varieties of temper:

Give a thermal shock to the stone or stainless stole table;Inverted bain marie;Or by enhancement – mixing quente chocolate with cold chocolate. – Behind ns chocolate bars, the is possible to check the right temperature for tempering – how much have to be got to to heat/cool. – In the bar used in a video, it is encourage to heat up chlanie.nete 40°C – der maximum the 45°C – and throw it on a rock chlanie.nete lower the temperature. – ns correct temperature is 31°C to 32°C. Below that, a husk melts in ~ room temperature. – the is an extremely important the it reaches a right temperature according to each label, if the is not seasoned correctly the chocolate melts. – Fill the egg form up to ns indicated mark. Climate put the other part to close. – it is essential to make certain that ns chocolate is spread throughout a mold. If that hasn't spread, squeeze it till it's also on all sides. – remover it to a fridge. – there is no right time. Ns best thing is to watch until the shell beginning to revolve whitish - i m sorry is when ns chocolate starts chlanie.nete chlanie.nete loose from the mold. – Afterwards, simply remove it an extremely carefully therefore as not to break the shell. – use your creative thinking to stuff e decorate your Easter eggs.

5 Tips para Tempering chocolate Bark

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