Just notified those limited borda sneakers? Take naquela screenshot of your receipt and tracking number for this reason you understand when your novo kicks will certainly arrive. Naquela screenshot takes naquela photo of your screen e saves that to a Gallery. There ~ ~ a pair different methods to catch screenshots on your tablet, escape on a model friend have.

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Information listed applies to devices sold in Canada. Easily accessible screens and settings may vary ao tablets sold in various other countries.


Let"s importar right come it. You can capture a screenshot by pressing e holding the Power and Volume down keys concurrently until der white border flashes around a edges of ns screen.


An easier rua to take a screenshot? Yes, please! From Settings, find for e select Palm swipe come capture. Then, tap the switch to revolve on palma swipe to capture. Merely swipe your palmeira across the screen you desire to capture.


To vejo it immediately after it"s to be captured, swipe down ns notification panel, and then tap the Screenshot captured notification.


To panorama it at any type of time, navigate to Gallery. Select the Albums tab, e then tap Screenshots to view tudo de your screenshots.

If you just cleared that difficult level in naquela new game, share her victory com friends by sending a screenshot.


To share naquela screenshot best after you"ve captured one, swipe down the notification panel, and then swipe under the Screenshot captured notification. Tap Share, and then complete sharing by using 1 of a available sharing options.

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To share the at any type of time, open up the Gallery app. Select the Albums tab, and then madness Screenshots. Touch e hold a screenshot you desire to share, and then tap Share. Complete by using uma of obtainable sharing options.


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