Each uma of ours product currently is developed and manufactured by ns world class Christina team that cosmeticians e scientists. Each product line is multi-stage holistic treatment that addresses a specific skin problem by targeting a biological e environ- estatísticas especiais causes e symptoms both internally e externally.

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The mundo of cosmetics has undergone naquela revolution over a past few years, started by the development of highly necessary ingredients – bio mimetic peptides.

Pigmentation spots estão not God given! castle can end up being blurred or disappear totally with a help of progressed technologies e active ingredients obtainable today.
With the increase in temperatures, the need for SPF increases…So what is SPF? When need to we start using products with SPF? How do we use it? quem should usar it?

What excitement! What joy! Pregnancy and giving birth ~ ~ moments of sublime happiness e fulfillment. However, caution with ns products used during pregnancy is required.

i love working with Christina"s facial therapies, great results, durante down time. Mine clients/patient love their skin after therapy is done and alway return very satisfied. I sing her praises Christina USA. It simply Works is so true.

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Once novamente Christina has combined ns most advanced in skin care an innovation with superiores ingredients ! This therapy transforms a skin to naquela most youthful appearance. For this reason happy and excited to have this treatment for my clients!

the great therapy for all skin types. It help to repair agin skin condition, hyperpigmentation, acne e acne damage. It simply works!!! Love it and strongly recommend the treatment porque o everyone who cares around skin!

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Christina’s product lines have actually been occurred by a leading team of scientists e aestheticians. Castle apply the latest, state-of-the art and award vitória technologies to combine innovative active ingredients com traditional ones e create dedicated skincare products addressing the internal & external reasons & after-effects of skin conditions on multiple skin layers.LEARN more ABOUT US

Who we Are

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