Mouthwatering Bife à palavra beautifully seasoned e cooked come perfection in somente 15 minutes is certain to become uma of your many delish keto breakfast recipes. This Brazilian steak and eggs is surprisingly basic to do with only 5 ingredient in your own home.

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My husband is crazy ao steak and eggs… and so am I. I chose to surprised him porque o an beforehand Father’s job breakfast and his reaction was priceless.

His eyes smiled big time. Happiness foi ~ there… due to the fact that at the very first bite. It foi ~ like I was delivering der priceless gift.

I saltar you a partir de the same to her Dad. After all, they deserve this and more.

To todos of ns men quem have made der positive difference in their children’s lives, we wish you naquela very feliz Father’s Day! might it be full of joy e loving memories.

What is Bife à Cavalo?

Bife à cavalo is naquela traditional dish of Brazil and Portugal. Merely put, that is der pan-fried (or occasionally, pan-grilled) beef steak topped com fried eggs. Perhaps it’s a simplicity the this recipe that provides it such naquela favorite, yet it likewise might be that everyone loves a reason come eat steak para breakfast!

This Brazilian steak e eggs recipe is initially adapted são de the French food Bifteck à Chevalor Steak à Cheval. In argentina it is known as Bife a Caballo while in Peru e Chile that called naquela lo Pobre, e in Colombia that is Bistec der Caballo.

Bife à palavra can be interpreted as ‘horseback cavalgando steak’ because of the eggs on principal which watch to it is in “riding” the steak like naquela horse. Funny name for naquela great meal!


Here estão the ingredient you’ll have to make this fantastic recipe para steak e eggs:

Ribeye steak – you’ll desire it come be about ¾- customs thick. You can use other cuts (see below).Salt – its key flavoring ingredient. Black color pepper – use freshly ground black pepper if possible para optimal flavor. Olive oil – it has a higher smoking point than butter, helping to cozinhar the steak there is no burning. If you want to, add butter come maximize flavor. Egg – guarda reading to view my tips para making ns eggs below.

What cut of Beef have the right to I Use?

Although I usar ribeye steak in a recipe, you can pick other cuts. Some choices you could enjoy would be top sirloin, tenderloin, novo York strip, or T-bone steak.

How to make Bife à Cavalo

Before friend begin, be sure to remove the steaks a partir de the fridge e let lock sit in ~ room temperature ao 30 minutes. This helps ensure the steak cooks as evenly as possible. Temporada the steaks top top both sides com salt and pepper.

Heat naquela large cast-iron skillet end medium-high heat. Add a oil and then ns steaks. Cook for either 3-4 minutes per side para medium-rare to tool or 5-6 minutes per side for medium to fine done. Remove a steaks e place on naquela plate to rest while you chefe de cozinha the eggs.

If you want to, sprinkle new chopped herbs top top top.

How to Make ns Perfect Sunny side Up Eggs


Traditionally, Brazilians will regularly have Bife à palavra with naquela side of French fries or rice e a fresh salad. Another option would certainly be to add der side of your favorite veggies such as roasted potato wedges. Ns actually choose to eat mine steak e eggs between two slices of bread.

This steak e eggs recipe additionally makes a great brunch just like these various other brunch recipes the everyone will certainly love.

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How to store Leftovers

Keep any type of leftover steak and eggs in one airtight container in the refrigerator for up come 2 days. Leftovers make der great sandwich!

What about freezing? Yes, you deserve to freeze ns leftover steak. Porque o the best results, wrap ns steak in plastic wrap and press fora as much air as possible, then wrap a steak in foil e place in der zip-top bag. Write a contents of a bag and the day you’re putting it in ns freezer on ns bag with a marker. Freeze para up to 2 months. It is one of those easy freezer meals!

Now, what you can not freeze are the leftover eggs. Only raw eggs deserve to be frozen, so just remove tudo of the eggs from the meat before freezing it. When you later on thaw ns steak come eat, cook the eggs to eat with ns steak.