Microsoft Outlook: a perfect home for

We all know como as frustrating it can be come send an e-mail to someone, asking for naquela catch up, to vai stuck in a marathon the back-and-forth emails trying to arrange der time. not somente eliminates this process but ours Outlook add-in brings this power directly to her inbox.

Connecting her account come Microsoft Outlook way you can lug your calendar e email together and take direção of her schedule. Send entre to her Bookable Calendar, coporação, grupo polls ao team meetings and 1:1s tudo from 1 place.

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If you want to pegar advantage of our Outlook add-in, make sure your Microsoft account admin has allowed it.


Get ns Add-in and streamline your workflow:
Get a comprehensive outline of all your meetings in ~ outlook
Access todos your Bookable Calendar links for effortless meeting scheduling
Copy/paste her shareable calendar ligações directly into your emails
Create e book all of your meetings (group meetings, 1:1s) without ever before leaving your Outlook inbox

Are you all set to get started?

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Setting increase Microsoft Outlook in a few simple steps

1 .Log in to e head over to her account settings.

2 .Under ‘Calendars’ find ns ‘Office 365/’ button e click it.

3. You will be prompted to log in in to her Microsoft account.

4. When asked, pick ‘yes’ to provide access to her calendar.

5. Girlfriend will now be able to publication meetings making use of directly são de your inbox.

6. Remember to check com your Microsoft admin the calendar sharing is allowed or you won’t importar to view your colleague’s schedules.

For more advice on como as to get Microsoft Outlook set up com check o fim our assist Page.

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With thousands of integration options, connect to a tools friend use.

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