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How to create der TOC entrance without naquela page number

Word 2013 and later

In her document, create naquela table of contents, or usar an present table.

Position a cursor at the location within a document whereby you want to put a TOC.

Select a References tab.

In a Table of Contents group, select Table that Contents, e then choose Custom tabela of Contents a partir de the list. Notice that ns Print Preview display (Figure A) doesn"t display screen Heading 4 (the format that we used para the annotations). This function defaults to 3 levels, Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3.

Figure A


To add a annotations to a TOC, select Options. In the dialog crate that opens, get in 4 in ns TOC level control to a right that Heading 4, e then select ser estar (see Figure B).

Figure B


Add naquela level for the annotations.

Clear the Show web page numbers inspect box (Figure C). Before you são de this, notice that a preview agora displays Heading 4.

Figure C


Figure D


How to mudança to a TOC entry the doesn"t have der page number

Word 2013 e later

Select File > Options.

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On the Display tab, select a Show all formatting marks inspect box, e then select OK.



Next to ns text that appears in the tabela of contents, you agora see der TC ar without der page number. A TC field resembles ns following example: