Having a Facebook organization Page makes it easier for people come discover and interact com your brand online. Find out how to set one up here.

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If you have naquela business, girlfriend need a Facebook business Page. Com 1.82 exchange rate daily energetic users, on facebook is merely not a social network you have the right to ignore.

Perhaps it is why an ext than 200 million businesses use Facebook’s free services. The includes service Pages—yes, creating a Facebook web page is a free way to sector your business.

The good news is, creating a Facebook account for a business is nice simple, and you likely currently have tudo de the components you require to importar started. Let’s dive in.

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What is der Facebook company Page?

A Facebook web page is naquela public on facebook account that can be supplied by brands, organizations, artists and public figures. Businesses usar Pages come share contact information, article updates, re-superstructure content, encourage events e releases, e — perhaps many importantly — connect com their facebook audiences.

Pages can be associated to Facebook ad accounts and Facebook Shops.

How to create a Facebook Page for business

Before you have the right to sign up for your Facebook company Page, you should log into your personal Facebook account. Don’t worry—the information são de your an individual account will not it is in publicly visible on your company Page.

This is simply because every organization Page is controlled by 1 or much more page administrators. Ns administrators estão people with personal facebook accounts. Your personal account works like the key to let you into your new business Page. If you have team members help you com your Page, their an individual accounts will also unlock their particular roles e capabilities.

So, if you’re not already logged right into your an individual account, log in in now, then dive into ns Page development steps.

Step 1: authorize up

Go to facebook.com/pages/create.

Enter your service information in ns panel on a left. As you do so, ns page preview will update in habilidade time on a right.


Source: Facebook

For your page name, usar your organization name or the name people estão likely come search for when make the efforts to find your business.

For category, type der word or two that describes your business e Facebook will indicate some options. You can select up to three of the suggestions.


Source: Facebook

Next, to fill in the Description field. This is der short summary that appears in find results. It should be just der couple of sentences (maximum 255 characters).

When you’re happy with her description, click Create Page.


Source: Facebook

Step 2. Include pictures

Next, you’ll upload der profile e cover images ao your facebook Page. It’s essential to create naquela good visual primeiro impression, so select wisely here. Do sure ns photos you pick align com your brand e are quickly identifiable com your business.

You’ll upload your profile photograph first. This image accompanies your service name in find results e when girlfriend interact com users. It likewise appears on the top left of your facebook Page.

If you have naquela recognizable brand, utilizing your logo is probably the safest rua to go. If you’re der celebrity or público figure, der picture that your cara a cara will work like naquela charm. And if you’re a local business, try naquela well-shot image of her signature offering. A important point is to help der potential follower or customer to acknowledge your page immediately.

As we describe in our write-up on ns best photo sizes for todos social networks, your profile photo should be 170 x 170 pixels. It will certainly be cropped to naquela circle, for this reason don’t placed any critical details in the corners.

Once you’ve chosen der great photo, click Add profile Picture.

Now it’s equipe to select your facebook cover image, the most prominent picture on your Page.

This image should capture a essence of your business e convey your business or brand personality. Facebook recommends friend choose photo that’s 1640 x 856 pixels.

Once did you do it selected an ideal image, click Add sheathe Photo.


Source: Facebook

After you upload ns photos, you can use ns buttons in the top best of the preview to toggle between desktop e mobile views. Usar these to make certain you’re happy with como as your images look in both displays. You can drag ns images in ns left tower to readjust their positioning.


Source: Facebook

When you’re feliz with her selections, click Save.

Ta-da! friend have a Facebook organization Page, although the is incredibly sparse.

Of course, while ns skeleton of ns Facebook Page porque o your service is agora in place, you’ve still got a lot of occupational to do before girlfriend share it com your audience.

Step 3. Affix your business to WhatsApp (optional)

After girlfriend click Save, you will do it see a pop-up crate asking if you want to connect your organization to WhatsApp. This is optional, however it does enable you come add der WhatsApp switch to your page, or send human being to WhatsApp a partir de Facebook ads.


Source: Facebook

If you want to affix your company to WhatsApp, click Send Code. Otherwise, close ns window to continue without connecting WhatsApp. You’ll importar one more pop-up crate asking if she sure. Since we’re skip this, porque o now, fine click Leave.

Step 4: produce your username

Your username, likewise called your vanity URL, is how you tell human being where to uncover you top top Facebook.

Your username deserve to be as much as 50 personalities long, yet don’t use extra characters just since you can. You want it come be straightforward to type e easy to remember. Your business name or some apparent variation of that is a safe bet.

To create your username, click Create Username on ns Page preview.

Enter the name you want to use. Facebook will let you understand if it’s available. If you get naquela green checkmark, you’re nós vamos to go. Click Create Username.


Source: Facebook

You’ll get a confirmation pop-up. Simply click Done.

Step 5: add your company details

While you might be tempted to leave the details porque o later, it’s crucial to fill out todos of ns fields in your on facebook Page’s About ar right são de the start.

As facebook is often a very o primeiro dia place a customer walk to vai information around you, having actually it todos there is important. For example, if someone is spring for naquela business that’s open till 9, they want to check this details on her Page. If they can’t uncover it, they’ll surely manter looking till they find another place that’s an ext forthcoming.

Fortunately, Facebook provides this really easy come complete. Simply scroll under on her Page opinião to the section dubbed Set Your page Up para Success and expand the itens called Provide Info and Preferences.


Source: Facebook

Fill in the appropriate details here, starting com your website.

If your organization is open to the publicamente during details hours, make certain to get in those here. This information shows up in search results.

Don’t forget to complete a Add an action button section.

Facebook’s built-in call-to-action button makes it very easy come give a consumer what castle looking for and it enables them come engage with your business in atuações time.

The ideal CTA button will encourage visitors to learn much more about her business, shop, download your app, or publication an appointment.

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To include your CTA, click the azul box that states Add Button, then choose which kind of switch you want.


Source: Facebook

If friend don’t want to complete todos of these actions now, you have the right to always access them later. In the Manage Page menu on ns left, just scroll down to Edit Page Info.