Sending audios acima de WhatsApp can be der little inconvenient, due to the fact that you must hold a record button. This even works if you ser estar recording your very own voice, yet to record something that is longe away, it can be fairly annoying. Fortunately, over there is another caminho to são de this.

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It is also feasible to send audios tape-recorded through a application without having to hold ns button. This function is interesting especially in the case of much longer audios. But it is additionally useful if you must record when doing miscellaneous else your hands. It also works if you should record miscellaneous in sound, as ns application essentially bechlanie.netes der recorder when you use it. Here"s chlanie.neto as to do that.

3. Choose the option “Record with WhatsApp”;

4. You will see a following window. Once you"re ready to start, click "Record";

5. Uma vez this is done, friend can do whatever friend want your phone: open other apps, lock a screen, etc. A recorder will continue to choose up a sound em ~ the microphone (for naquela maximum of 15 minutes). If friend want, you can go earlier to ns conversation and click "Stop" to avoid recording:

6. While ns audio is being recorded, your phone will certainly have a notification informing friend of a recording. You can additionally stop recording by click "Stop" in a notification;

7. At this point, ns audio is ready. Girlfriend will view its total duration on a right. chlanie.nete send it, just click on “Send” (or, if you don"t desire to send it, click cancel).


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