Lee Sang Woo Talks About Wife Yeon'S “The

Lee sang Woo dished on how he handles his wife Kim So Yeon’s steamy kiss scenes in “The Penthouse”!

On the June 13 episode of SBS’s new variety show “Tiki taCAR,” Lee quý phái Woo made a guest appearance khổng lồ chat about married life and more.

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When host Kim Gura complimented Lee thanh lịch Woo on his improved “talk show skills,” the actor responded, “I think it’s because I’m living with So Yeon now. After I got married, my conversational skills improved. Because she’s really responsive, & she expresses her feelings a lot. So I’ve learned a lot from her. I think I’ve gotten a lot better since getting married.”

As for whether he’s seen any of the terrifying expressions Kim So Yeon makes in “The Penthouse” in real life, Lee quý phái Woo shared with a laugh, “I’ve seen them all.” Tak Jae Hoon asked which of those expressions was his least favorite, và Lee thanh lịch Woo replied, “I love them all. Because I think we serve as mirrors for one another.

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I think we see each other’s good points and bad points, and we’re becoming better people by learning from the good in one another và avoiding the bad.”

Lee lịch sự Woo later went on lớn admit that when “The Penthouse” first started airing, he would escape to their bedroom khổng lồ avoid watching Kim So Yeon’s kiss scenes.

“At the beginning, I’d go into our room for a bit ,” he explained. “But now, I just turn my head a little to lớn avoid watching. So Yeon will tell me in advance, ‘Turn away for just a moment,’ while we’re watching together.”

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun then brought up Lee thanh lịch Woo’s cameo in “The Penthouse 2,” where he played a reporter tailing his wife’s character Cheon Seo Jin. Kim Gura amusingly pointed out that three of Kim So Yeon’s “husbands” would have been on mix at once: her real husband Lee quý phái Woo, as well as her two on-screen husbands Uhm Ki Joon and Yoon Jong Hoon.

“It must have been awkward during rehearsal,” said Kim Gura, and Kyuhyun remarked with a laugh, “I heard that acted the most awkward around lịch sự Woo, even though he was her real husband.”

To prove his point, the show aired a behind-the-scenes video from the filming of “The Penthouse 2” where Lee sang Woo arrived on mix for his cameo. Kim So Yeon, who had been in the midst of rehearsing a scene with Yoon Jong Hoon, introduced her husband to everyone. She then stood nervously next khổng lồ her co-stars & laughed, “Wow, this is awkward,” leading her two on-screen husbands lớn exclaim, “You shouldn’t keep standing over here, you should go over there! Go!”

Lee thanh lịch Woo explained, “When you’re a regular on a series, you kết thúc up getting khổng lồ know the cast & crew on set, but I didn’t know at all.” Kim Gura responded, “So it was just natural awkwardness, not anything to vày with them being your wife’s husbands or things lượt thích that,” và Lee quý phái Woo agreed, “That’s right.”

Check out the video of Lee thanh lịch Woo meeting Kim So Yeon’s “other husbands” on the phối of “The Penthouse 2” below! (Lee sang trọng Woo first arrives at 5:29 in the video.)